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Re: Duck N divers

Postby DKOD_Twisted_Dragon_DKOD on Oct 12 2017, 5:05pm

As the kaw world turns. Now this thread has been derailed. Smh bunch of middle school drama. Roni get this thread back on topic. I want to know who else ducked out of osw.
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Re: Duck N divers

Postby BarbieFoundTheWhiskey on Oct 12 2017, 7:45pm


 the why are you so obsessed with me line would have been more appropriate
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Re: Duck N divers

Postby Nate on Oct 13 2017, 1:52pm

Why is this still running? I feel like this has gone a bit off topic.
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Re: Duck N divers

Postby RR_Dr0pKiCk_MuRpHy_RR on Oct 13 2017, 4:54pm

I'd just like to take this special opportunity to say.... I hate you Moody, you self righteous belm.
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Re: Duck N divers

Postby Miek01 on Oct 14 2017, 1:39pm

Very good question Snoopy. Mods would have closed other threads ages ago.
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Re: Duck N divers

Postby RS-roni-RS on Nov 27 2018, 2:32pm

Crazybeautiful aka mel duck N dived her way fast outter Tangra osw versus Apoc and changed her screenname to stay incognito. Good people stay or return to support their clan friends in osw.But not Mel she showed her true colours. Her only forte is to chase them events and ebs.
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Re: Duck N divers

Postby illIIlIHOLYIlIIlDOMOIlIlIIi on Nov 28 2018, 6:32am

II-roni-II wrote:end many a times for their insults and taunts .So you would think they would firmly stand their grounds be loyal , be couragious, fight to the end and become victorious .But no when the turning of the tide begins to happen they the first ones to bail and get outter there ! 1st Duck n diver ! = BarbieFoundTheWhskey. We all read in wc and forums the zaft are finished and are trash insults she wrote on the harb threads.Now she's hiding in one of the sister clans after completely betraying Apoc in their hours of need. 2 = dustyGonzales aka hever .3 = velde the zaft slayer. 4 = wol godess of another who talks big behind a new clan and alliance but ran from iG instead of supporting them. 5. = LadyDragonFly-TS a runner from dkod who soon legged it when dkod were on a downward spiral in the osw and getting beat.So instead of being loyal she bailed on them . When the going gets tough " the fake tough get going " sums up these 5 .But there are plenty more Duck n divers on kaw thinking noone noticed them vanish !

Yeah you have no idea what you are talking about. Check your facts about lady.
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Re: Duck N divers

Postby RS-roni-RS on Nov 28 2018, 10:57am

That's where you're wrong Domo.I know exactly what I'm talking about.Back in 2013 me and DrasticParasite became dkod clan farm and ended up fighting them along with their family clan's who they enlisted their help to hit us too death inc, Scoutlaws, Stoirin's clan rise Against, a few members from w.a.r and hol for about a year or more.Ladydragonfly was a member of dkod at the time so because the main one i fighted was dragon of darkness from dkod who was Ladydragonfly 's kaw boyfriend at the time before she moved on to deathinc lord kharon.So of course dragonfly and her alts ( which she pretends arent her) tried act tough also against me.Later we also were in a osw young & gifted versus dkod
.When she ducked N dived and ran from dkod when they were in a big osw with apoc. She joined True spartans. I have been told first hand by 2 members of True Spartans how she asked if she could join them.Which is very unloyal joining the alliance side that have been so nasty to her old dkod clan friends.Go ask puns and dirty lil devil also about Ladydragonfly being a osw runner. Although because of my past with dkod i never have had a good relationship with puns. This time though in worldchat both puns and dirty lil devil agreed with me and spoke it in worldchat saying ladydragonfly is a osw runner.Go ask them !!
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Re: Duck N divers

Postby WAR-Rogue-RAW on Nov 28 2018, 11:12am

You tell em Roni!
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Re: Duck N divers

Postby RS-roni-RS on Nov 28 2018, 11:16am

;-) Hi Rogue
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