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PvE Information (Epic Battles FAQ)

Postby Corinthian on Jun 6 2011, 5:11am

This thread will be used for all information about the new Epic Battles Update, and how it works. I will refine and edit this thread as new information comes in and old information becomes outdated. Update is out! There's a guide at the bottom for those stuck on missions, with general info immediately below:
PvE General Info
-Boss encounters. Clans can face 'unworldly beasts that have invaded the kingdoms.'
-Fight them and win rewards of hoarded gold.
-PvE is Player vs Environment, aka not involving player to player interactions.
-Spies, "hansel" builds, and other mixed builds will be able to participate in the PvE system.
-NPC(nonplayer character) will not retaliate in this first patch, but may in the second patch, tbd.
-Gold Payout will be on attacking the boss and on defeating the boss.
-The clan owner or admin will select/approve the mission. At the moment only one request to start the mission is required
-As far as PvE LB/ranking system, for the first release there will be no ranking system, however stats are being tracked on the back end so this could change in the future.
-Update will be deployed in 5 separate stages over the next few months (Currently in 1 of 5).
-Each stage will require a new client update, expanding on the previous update and providing more flexibility(this does mean iTunes store download update).
-There will actually be story lines with a series of missions: one will be required to do all the missions to complete the story line, some relying on previous ones
-To clarify above, with the current plan missions may not be able to start without a previous mission. In future plans, that may change where the difficulty of the second mission relys on the completion or failure of the first one.
-Epic Battles is divided into Series, with Missions in each Series and each mission having Stages and possibly Phases inside
-Each series is based around a different stat group, so early series will be scaled in success rate/income with
weaker kingdoms and get more difficult and more profitable as clans progress.(this includes AP/steal/success)
-The Entire Clan can only do 1 mission at a time.
-There is a 15 minute timer before a mission starts after it's been selected by an admin or the owner.
-Items can be used for higher success rate and more damage, as well as being required for some Stages.
-Mixed builds, or at least having 1 spy building and 1 troop building are advised since pures will not be able to complete all missions
-Additional missions may not be seen initially and will be revealed as you progress.
-If you fail the mission there is no penalty.
-Successfully completing a mission will award gold based on successful actions completed, the type of action, and size of the kingdom. There is no 'set' reward.
-For those looking to speed clear missions, you can use items for more damage, but that leads to less actions, and potions themselves subtract from income.
-Different Missions will have different time limits to complete, ranging from a few hours to several days.
-There is an *UPDATE* message in Clan Chat notifying when a mission is about to start and at certain marks in the mission, such as during the begining of a new Phase or the end of the mission.
-There are notifications for people that are in the mission whenever someone joins the mission in News.
-There are notifications to the clan whenever a mission is about to start and when it is completed.
-If the mission is forfeited, a message will be sent to News but if the time expires there will be no message.
-There will be temporary Battle Logs you can check during a mission as far as who excuted attacks, spy actions, and dmg.
-Post 'Epic Battle', or mission there will be a separate section in the clan history from the clan page to check the amount of successful actions each participant had as well as total income earned.
-You can crystal up to 3 times per mission in 24 hours. This means if you finish the mission before 24 hours have passed, then you can use 3 more crystals in the next mission. However, if the mission timer is for over 24 hours, you will have to wait 24hours to use 3 more crystals for that mission.
-People leaving the Mission will not have the damage removed, so you can leave and rejoin to speed clear, but all successful actions and previous income earned will not factor into the end equation so that player, (also, because of less actions for other players to make income with/succeed for more income at end) and the clan, will make less income from that mission.
-The 24 crystal uses per day limit is still in place, so rapidly completing small missions will not/should not let you exceed that, aside from any unknown workarounds that let you exceed 24 regenerations per day.
-Some Stage bars regenerate every 5 minutes or so, so for these missions clans will have to coordinate online times.
-Attacks, Scouts, Steals, Assassinations will count towards achievements in this update, and wins(attacks) will count towards the Wins LB.
-There are 17 total missions in this update with more to come in later updates.

If any questions are still unanswered, I will answer them on the thread and add them here. Later, I plan on having a tutorial video up posted about here. Additionally, if you find any odd errors, want to share information or need help, post here and we’ll do our best to get you an answer if it’s not already here. Thanks, and happy KaW-ing!
Other Epic Battle FAQs: http://forum.kingdomsatwar.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=63987

Here are some tips and basics about each mission as you decide which missions to repeat later, and what to expect going into the mission on your first run. These will be ordered sequentially by series, so if your series is a tougher series than the starting series, it’s going to be further down. Also, in later updates some of this information may become out of date, but we will attempt to keep this as well kept as possible. Cheers Everyone and Let’s Begin!

Calydor the Depraved
Mission 1. Warbeasts: Welcome to Calydor the Depraved! This first mission in the series has only 1 phase, and only 1 stage defending the mission stage. As expected of a first mission in the series, you are going to have to use ‘Scout’ in the mission somewhere. In this mission, the mission stage is the scouting stage, but you’ll need your spies for killing, not scouting as in order to get to the mission stage you will have to go through an ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage called simply Defenses. Once you have overcome the Defenses, send out your scouts and gather the intelligence to win the Mission and rush off to Mission 2. Yes, the mission is that simple.

Mission 2. Cover of Night: This mission still has only 1 phase, but introduces 2 stages guarding the mission stage. While you can work on either stage at a time, this is a good mission to practice clan coordination on as neither stage regenerates over time. In order to access the mission stage Treasures, you have to complete both stages, not just one or the other. The Water Supply stage introduces ‘Item’ stages to this series as it tells you to, “Slip some sleeping potions into the water supply so you can sneak into the vault.” Like it says, go to the marketplace and buy up some sleeping potions if you haven’t already(Spy Attack potion, 10k gold), go over to the Item selection at the bottom of your choices on the iDevice, select the sleeping potion, and use the item to bring down the stage over time. A tip here for those on iDevice : If you don’t select another action, then the same item will remain selected so you only have to hit the use button. The other stage to bring down is a simple ’Assassinate’ stage where you Assassinate to bring down this stage. Once both stages are down you can successfully ‘Steal’ from the Treasure mission stage, simply stealing until all the treasure is looted. Not convinced that this is all the gold in the area, you then progress into Mission 3.

Mission 3. Kingdom Assualt: Only 1 Phase for this mission, but it’s still a tough one. Pure attack builds will be crazy here as there are two ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stages here guarding the ‘Kingdom Gate’ mission stage, and even the final stage is an ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage. This mission is fairly straightforward: Attack or Assassinate until it’s dead. You have to do the stages in order here, so you’ll have to defeat the First Line, then the Second Line, and then the Kingdom Gate. This sounds a breeze to clear, but here’s the tricky part: The first and second lines will regenerate troops after you’ve killed them, which means you’ll need either crystals or dedicated members to handle the regeneration while you’re causing lasting damage. Succeed here and push forward to Mission 4.

Mission 4. To the Chamber: In Mission 4 we are introduced to 2 phases, as well as an optional stage to complete. Initially, there are two stages shown outside of the Mission bar, one being an ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage, and the other being an item stage where you have to use the Spy Defense potion “Mist of Confusion” to lower the soldier’s coordination. In order to access the mission stage, which is a “Steal” stage, by the way, the clan has to only bring the Foot Soldiers stage (‘Attack’/’Assassinate’) to 0, and can completely ignore the Soldier Co-ordination stage. Before posts are made asking why is that stage even there, in this mission the Foot Soldiers have a higher chance of winning compared to the previous missions, and completing this stage makes the Foot Soldier stage almost if not exactly a 100% success rate. Additionally, the Mist of Confusion item is the cheapest item in the game, and for people waiting on regeneration, towered up ally traders, or those just looking for free money, the Successful Action gold generated from this stage more than covers the 1,250 gold cost per item. However, if your clan has no issues succeeding vs. the Foot Soldiers, then ignore this stage and just finish the ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage instead. Once you have completed the Foot Soldiers stage, you will be allowed to damage the Mission bar, but only up to 60% or a few overkill % lower than 60%, and then the second phase will begin and the mission stage will again be immune until you clear the second phase. For the second phase, you have to remove the ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage called Guards of the Keep, and then you can resume completing the ‘Steal’ mission stage Keys Remaining, and move on to the final mission in the series, mission 5.

Mission 5. The Depraved: It’s the end of this series, which means it’s time to fell Calydor the Depraved at the heart of the keep. This is a 2 phase mission, with the first 2 stages being possibly the most difficult of the series to finish. The stages covering the mission bar this time are an ‘Item’ stage, and a ‘Scout’ stage, with the item stage regenerating and forced to be cleared first. Since you have to “lower it’s guard” for the “Alertness” stage, you’ll have to discern that the item of use for this stage is the Sleeping Potion (Spy Attack item, costs 10,000 gold). Using enough sleeping potions to both counter the Item regeneration and cause lasting damage is possibly the longest stage your clan will do in this series. Once the Alertness stage is down and kept down, ‘Scout’ out the “Undiscovered Weakness” to gain access to the Mission stage. The Mission stage in this mission is simply “Health”, and is an ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage. Once you get the monster down to around 80% on this stage, phase 2 begins, with 5 new stages defending the mission stage. All 5 stages have to be done in order, but that is no issue as each stage is an ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage. This might seem redundant at first, until you realize that simultaneously the mission stage is regenerating over time while you work on these stages, undoing some of the damage done the boss while you get through these stages. Once you have cleared the phase 2, ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ Calydor until 0% to finish the series!

Z’uthmerak of Despair

Mission 1. The Awakening: This is a 2 phase mission. Your clan starts this battle out with direct access to the mission stage, which is a ‘Scout’ stage. Once your clan scouts the mission stage down to around 25%, phase 2 begins. In phase 2, 2 ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stages appear, and must be cleared to 0 to access the mission stage. Once defeated, finish scouting the mission stage and this first mission is over.

Mission 2. The Despair: For clans operating at the series 2 level wanting a good mission to grind without all the extra features and pizzazz in The Forgotten Ones (or want a less spy-only heavy mission), this is the mission for your clan. This mission has 2 phases, with the first phase directly letting your clan ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ the mission stage to 20-25% in phase 1 before phase 2 begins. In phase 2, the clan encounters a larger health ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage that is protecting the mission stage, so clear it and finish the mission stage off to move on the Mission that has about everything in this first update, The Forgotten Ones. Note: During phase 2 the mission stage regenerates slowly here.

Mission 3. The Forgotten Ones: If you want a mission that let’s your clan do about everything in this first patch all in one phase, this is the mission for you. There are 4 stages defending this mission stage, and each can be worked on at any time. For the Celest stage, this is a straightforward ‘Steal’ stage. Bring it down. For Nerissius the Wanderer, you have to use ‘Item’ (Bribery Gem 60,000 Spy Attack Item) until there is no effect, then ‘Assassinate’ the remaining health. For Seraphis, this is the standard ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage. Lastly, Elestrial’s weakness is merely ‘Scout’ actions. For a tip to help quickly bring down this mission, use bribery gems on Nerissius first, then use Assassinate to damage both Nerissius and Seraphis in a single action. Once the 4 stages are down, take down the main stage with ‘Attack’ or ‘Assassinate’ actions. When this is complete, move on with the freed Myrmidons to the final mission of the series: The Reckoning.

Mission 4. The Reckoning: There are 3 phases in this mission, starting with 2 stages defending the main stage in phase one. Both stages are basically the same ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage as the other, with only the designations of port and starboard to be used in a later update, and so are damaged equally. Attack and/or Assassinate this 2 stages simultaneously to 0 to gain access to the mission stage, which is another ‘Attack’/’Assassinate stage. At 75%, Phase 2 begins where the myrmidons help fight off the Sea of Tentacles and Massive Tentacles from earlier missions, but have to be healed/manually regenerated with Healing Aura (Defense Item 62,500 gold). Like the last phase, while there are 4 stages shown, 2 stages can be equally damaged (port and starboard of the same name), effectively making this stage 2 item stages, both using the same item(one giant item stage if you like). Once taken down the item stage regenerates so have members keeping it down constantly so the rest of your clan can consistently ‘Attack/Assassinate’ the mission stage. When the mission stage hits 10%, the item stages vanish, allowing your clan to finish off Z’uthmerak directly and end this series.

Usaris the Troll King

Mission 1. Abandoned Kingdom:Possibly the best mission outside of Battle Royale in this series to do for clans grinding series 3 missions with mixed composition clans, if not better, welcome to the not-so-Abandoned Kingdom. This mission has 2 phases, with Phase one having a stage that will make both the weaker members of your clan and the spy members rejoice that is an optional ‘Scout’ stage that improves the success rate of ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ on the mission stage, which can be attacked directly at the start. This split allows spies to grind up their own gold as well as the rare max scout achievement without taking gold from the hitters, and let’s weaker T2 members attack/assassinate the mission stage with more success itself as the stage gets lower. Once the mission stage gets to 50%, however, the ‘Scout’ stage vanishes as Phase 2 begins. Here, the troll minions in this section get armed with shields, and must be ‘Attack’/’Assassinated’ to regain access to the mission stage. Once the shield stage is down, ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ the stage to victory, and move on the pure spies dream and pure troops bane of Mission 2.

Mission 2. Foreign Territories: This mission is extremely straightforward and also likely one of the disliked missions in the current mission set available. There is only 1 phase in this mission, with 2 stages guarding the mission stage, and have to be done in order. Both the 2 defending stages and the mission stage are all ‘Scout’ stages, so for this mission just scout nonstop until the mission ends. None of the stages regenerate, so just scout for the victory here.

Mission 3. Battle Royale: This mission has 3 phases where you take the fight to the trolls, and should be fairly fun to do. Phase 1 gives you direct access to the mission stage, letting you clear the blockade with ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ until 95%, where phase 2 begins. In phase 2, a single female troll called Snokee arrives and she’s basically an ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage for you to clear to regain access to the mission stage. Once your clan has used ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ on the mission stage to 50%, phase 3 begins. In phase 3, 4 more stages appear, and while it looks like you’ll be able to do 2 stages at a time/work on both trolls defense/health, the phase forces you to defeat Phlighton first before moving on to Ghostfang. For Phlighton, he has a shield that is essentially an ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage, so get it to 0 to be able to ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ Phlighton himself. After defeating Phlighton, low stat members rejoice as before your clan can access Ghostfang your clan will have to finish an ‘Item’ stage where you enrage the beastie (Elixir of Rage 5,000 Attack Item). Once that stage is down, ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ Ghostfang to 0, and then bring it home with more ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ on the mission stage to smash the Troll Blockade and move on to Mission 4.

Mission 4. Origins:Usaris himself shows up to the party in this final mission of the Series. There are 3 phases same as Battle Royale, and like Battle Royale let’s your clan immediately ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ the mission stage, but in this mission to 90% before phase 2 begins. For phase 2, Usaris breaks out his “Magical Mace”, which protects the mission stage from attack until cleared. This stage is simply another ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage, so just work it down and get back to the Mission stage. Once your clan has used the ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ actions to get the mission stage down to 25%, phase 3 begins. In phase 3, the Mace(‘Attack’/’Assassinate’) regenerates to full and protects the mission stage still. In addition, an initially optional item stage called Sol Spell appears (Scroll of the Mage’s Eye 5,000 gold spy defense item), that causes the Mace stage to regenerate while there is health on this stage. Also, the Sol Spell does regenerate, so your clan will need item users to keep this stage down. Once the mace has been taken down, the Sol Stage becomes a required stage to access the mission stage, so keep it at 0 and bring down the mission stage to 0% to end this series and move on to Thorak the Destroyer.

Thorak the Destroyer

Mission 1. Evanescence: This mission only has 1 phase, like more starting missions in the series. For this phase, 2 stages protect the main stage and have to be done in order. For the first stage, the Hidden Forest Paths, your clan will have to use the ‘Scout’ action to bring it down to 0. Once this has been cleared, your clan must then ‘Steal’ the Stone Tablets that are protecting the emissary to 0. Finally, when both stages are cleared, ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ the mission stage 0% to complete this mission and move on to mission 2.

Mission 2. No Mans Land: For this mission, you will have to deal with 2 phases, starting phase 1 with a single stage protecting the mission stage. This stage is an ‘Item’ stage that regenerates (Rune of Detection, Spy Defense Item 37,500 gold), so have your clan spam use of that item until it hits 0, and keep it down at 0. While the Shield Spell (‘Item Stage’) is at 0, ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ the mission stage until 50%, where phase 2 begins. For phase 2, the Shield Spell vanishes and is replaced with a simple ‘Scout’ stage. Scout the stage down to 0 then finish off the mission stage with ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ to end this mission.

Apheriun of Exile

Mission 1. The Haunting:

Mission 2. No Quarter: Something you are going to notice in this final mission of this series is that you start out phase 1 with no stages defending the mission stage, which is an ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ stage, but also that the phase counter on the screen starts at Phase 1/???. That is correct, this mission, if done without reading this, has an unknown amount of phases for those first starting this mission. For the final battle, Apheriun let’s your clan ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ it directly to 90%, and then phase 2 starts with 3 new stages defending the mission stage from attack. You are forced to work on each stage in order, so in the first stage, the legion of undead needs to have ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ used on it, the nether beasts need to be ‘Scout’ actioned to 0, and then the Seal needs to be taken down by using the ‘Item’ Seal of Deflection (12,500 gold Defense Item). Once phase 2 is done, resume ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ on the mission stage until 70% where the Improved Seal(phase 3) appears. The Improved Seal is an item stage using the same Seal of Deflection, but the health of this stage has to be within 1000 of the center of the stage (currently 7000-8000). While the health is at the point, you can ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ the mission stage. If you bring down this stage below the halfway point, don’t worry, as this stage regenerates. After you have gotten the mission stage down to 20%, a Nether Seal appears with the Improved Seal remaining (phase 4). Keep the Improved Seal in the middle for this phase. For the Nether Seal, it is an ‘Item’ stage where your clan must use the Seal of Lightning to damage the seal. Unlike the Improved Seal however, this weak spot is random, so your clan will have to test ‘Attack’/’Assassinate’ on them mission stage at every 1000 marker(1k,2k,3k,4k..) with the Improved Seal still at the center health to find the weak spot for this Seal. Like the Improved Seal, the Nether Seal regenerates so don’t worry about bringing this seal too low accidently. Once both seals are at the correct brackets of health, ‘Attack’ / ‘Assassinate’ the mission stage for the Victory on this final mission in this series. Congrats!
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Re: PvE Information (Epic Battles FAQ)

Postby *mystic065 (01) on Jun 6 2011, 5:15am

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Re: PvE Information (Epic Battles FAQ)

Postby Corinthian on Jun 6 2011, 5:15am

mystic065 wrote:Reserved!

Might as well save a reserve post if I run out of characters.
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Re: PvE Information (Epic Battles FAQ)

Postby Miser on Jun 6 2011, 5:20am

Looks good, now we just need it to be released so we can all try it for ourselves!
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Re: PvE Information (Epic Battles FAQ)

Postby -Neon- on Jun 6 2011, 5:22am

So.. You can hit and run PvE?
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Re: PvE Information (Epic Battles FAQ)

Postby Corinthian on Jun 6 2011, 5:25am

-Neon- wrote:So.. You can hit and run PvE?

Yes, but you don't get any successful action towards the end if you leave, just rapidly damage the boss to use more crystals per mission, so it's only useful for nob/crystal users(and even then)
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Re: PvE Information (Epic Battles FAQ)

Postby *mystic065 (01) on Jun 6 2011, 5:26am

Nice guide, really awesome
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Re: PvE Information (Epic Battles FAQ)

Postby roy1d_nl on Jun 6 2011, 5:27am

Lol i hope this will stop all people from asking the same ​ question about 100 times ( but i doubt it so again cor good luck )

Once again cor made it very clear to me i hope others will get it to
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Re: PvE Information (Epic Battles FAQ)

Postby Praetorian on Jun 6 2011, 5:36am

Can we have some screenshots cos some1 mustve beta tested it...
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Re: PvE Information (Epic Battles FAQ)

Postby Miser on Jun 6 2011, 5:37am

Roman, you can see the videos about it, or just be patient. It's being released at some point in the next 17-18 hours.
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