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Re: Devs: please listen carefully....

Postby IIII-Vladimir-IIII on Jan 16 2017, 9:02am

Potato wrote:
IIII-Vladimir-IIII wrote:
_____________ZERO_____________ wrote:Support Onesy, I just worry about alt explosions. I'd rather new players earn the bonus through activity.

This shouldn't be a problem. If an account is getting a certain amount of rewards can be flagged and devs can investigate the "new" accounts and then enforce ToU if it's required.

That would presume that Devs care about the game, and would take the time to do that. Which they don't, and they won't...

Then tweak the reward system. Give it only when the new player hit a certain amounts of attacks/steals/scouts/assassinations.
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Re: Devs: please listen carefully....

Postby Snowman on Jan 16 2017, 9:07am

I stopped play when the release lvl 11-20 back in September or when ever it was
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Re: Devs: please listen carefully....

Postby 1_BadAss_Devilish_Rogue__Semzz on Jan 17 2017, 5:22am

Right here devs, this post is the post I sent feedback about. Please come address the rampant cheating in your game outlined in this post.
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Re: Devs: please listen carefully....

Postby Autobot___DoDGaPRIME___RollOut on Jan 18 2017, 12:21am

_____________ZERO_____________ wrote:Here's what to do:

Create events that promote clan unity, not clan hopping. Give clan bonuses tied to clan based event totals.

Release new lands/buildings after at least 700 players are bc. Give the average spender time get caught up.

Eliminate the 24 hide ally spell. It's purpose has been exploited to keep allies hidden for months and in some cases an entire year or more.

Pay better attention to players alerting you of inhuman activity and don't be afraid to make an example of players who play like robots.

Advertise your game on TV. ​, fire age, ​ are stealing your customers. Those games suck compared to KAW. Let people know about your product.

After each event level, have a 24 hour "purge" event that turns off all EB and automatically enters every account into a PVP event. Release the previous event rewards at the end of the "purge" event.

Sell a $50 token at the oracle that allows you to completely change your abyssal buildings with no gold cost.

Create a set of PVP equipment that is a tier above PVE equip. Make earning this equipment available only through hitting players that are on your battle list.

Just a couple of things.

Zta and hte cost money, means devs make money. hte and zta based events are never going to end. Devs: "Let's throw all of our money away"

Ally hide spell is great, effective osw tool why get rid of it? Unless you're salty about failing strips?

Domo Origato Mr Roboto.

Advertising a game with so few active players is ludicrous, the games you named have hundreds of thousands of active players using daily, Kaw has what 10k unique players?

Forcing people to pvp that play this game to hit eb's is going to reduce your player base more.

Increase the token to a full build or ones for each lands would be good, not a bad idea if you balls your build up or need more towers.

Pvp eq off battle list only is meh, but I do agree that pvp eq is sub par. Maybe improve pvp eq and drop mith from battlelist and ee to buy it or something.

#Makeamericagreatagain #Trump

Dodga out
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Re: Devs: please listen carefully....

Postby BlaZey on Jan 18 2017, 2:35am

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Re: Devs: please listen carefully....

Postby oblachko on Jan 18 2017, 2:45am

Great thread has my full support and add a way for building tokens to be claimed.
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Re: Devs: please listen carefully....

Postby __Z3R0_KotFES_MaYHEM_MaCHiNE__ on Jan 18 2017, 5:55am

Who knew blazey was a trump fan? Lol.
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Re: Devs: please listen carefully....

Postby __Z3R0_KotFES_MaYHEM_MaCHiNE__ on Jan 18 2017, 5:57am


Your criticism is welcome, but I didn't see you offer many ideas as to how to solve problems.

Dismissing ideas without providing legitimate alternatives doesn't help anyone.

Please post your ideas on growing the game. Thanks.
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Re: Devs: please listen carefully....

Postby Gamma on Jan 18 2017, 8:24am

Some good ideas in here.
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Re: Devs: please listen carefully....

Postby pbutter on Jan 19 2017, 1:53pm

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