Killer Inside

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Killer Inside

Postby Lil_Tiger on Jan 2 2013, 10:15am

Bear with me, I'll update as often as I can. Post feedback on my wall or if you want to talk about it more in depth, PM me. Thanks and enjoy!


The death itself wasn't important to me. It was who died that was. Most serial killers took pleasure from their kills. I didn't. I wasn't a normal serial killer anyway. My methods were unique, my style was ever changing and my lust for blood could be controlled. They couldn't catch me.

I flip the switchblade around my fingers, the short edge whistling through the air. As it flashed through the air, it glistened and sparkled in the light. I stopped my walking, flipping the blade a last time and closing it, tucked away in my basketball shorts. Looking around, I smiled happily. I was at the field of Samantha Grey Middle School.

I started walking across the field ready to find my victim. She was a blonde with green eyes. Slightly on the plumper side, she weighed about 140 lbs, 5'4". She had a cute smile, perky little nose and small ears. Her hair was very long, and waved beautifully every time she turned like she did now, letting me catch her position.

I took a phone out of my pocket, selected her number and hit send on my not-so nice text. Stuffing it back in my pocket, I started a jog to the school. My eyes were riveted on my target, watching her read her tiny little pink phone before rushing to the girl's locker rooms. Poor thing, wasn't very stable. Needed someone like me to help her.

I ran toward the small crowd on the back top. There were ten, maybe eleven people milling around. In 3 minutes the bell would ring to single all musicians into the MPR to prepare for their concert this evening. Then they'd be gone. I passed them, nodding to a few as a guy did a cat call. I smiled but headed to the girls' locker room.

I followed my target into the locker room, locking the door behind me. She was in a shower stall crying. I went to the rack of towels and pretended to be exhausted from my 'run', slumping down on a bench and panting loudly. After a few seconds I stood up and walked to her stall. I knocked on the tile wall.

"Hello? Is everything OK in there?" I asked softly as I pulled the blue shower curtain aside.

She was huddled there, tears silently running down her face. I looked at her and smiled inside. My face was a figure of concern. I sat down next to her and put my arm around her. As I did so the bell rang. She jumped a bit but stayed put.

"Kerri.. I... He said... Something... " she started to tremble in my arms and I hushed her as she blabbered on about what Josh had said. Little did she know I had his phone.

"Shhh... Jade listen.... It's ok, just ignore him because there are better boys out there, right?"

She nodded and wiped away her tears. I helped her up and lead her to the sink. Her eyes were red and she rinsed her face with cold water as I continued to talk softly to her. I flipped my switchblade out in doing so, twirling it under the counter as I spoke. She dried her face and turned to face me as I smiled at her.

"Thanks. I need to be calmed down..." She gave a soft smile and turned to walk to the door. I grabbed my towel in one hand, blade in the other. I watched her reach the door and try the handle.

"Damn! They locked it. Do you know why..." she turned to finish her question but stopped short.

"They didn't lock it, I did." I walked toward her, swinging the knife letting the blunt base connect with her head. She fell forward and I caught her standing. I walked the limp body to the long flat bench in the middle of the locker room.

I placed her down and walked to my locker, taking out the rope and bag I had there. I wrapped a loop and around each ankle and ran them to the metal poles the were imbedded in the concrete floor. I did her spread eagle style and tied my towel over her mouth. Satisfied I grabbed another towel, wet with freezing water, and dripped it on her face. She awoke after a few goes and started to silently scream as she saw me with the knife in had.

I smiled and looked down. I drew the knife softly across her face making a shallow cut but leaving a red line. Jade Helm. B straight student, first chair flutist. 14 years old. My first blood.
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Re: Killer Inside

Postby LP-Ash on Jan 2 2013, 10:34am

I love it. :D Murder/Mystery books are the best imo. Finally a story that has perfect spelling :lol:
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Re: Killer Inside

Postby -TwistedFate- on Jan 2 2013, 11:22am

I like it  Can't wait to see what comes next, great job :)
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Re: Killer Inside

Postby xXCrimsonWingXx on Jan 2 2013, 12:07pm

Wow o.O u r a good writer lol keep it up :)
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Re: Killer Inside

Postby Lil_Tiger on Jan 2 2013, 2:06pm

Thanks, I'll add some more later today
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Re: Killer Inside

Postby Lil_Tiger on Jan 2 2013, 7:37pm

End of the Prologue. Chapter 1 tomorrow of tonight. Feedback, ideas and comments welcome. Idk if you guys want a separate thread for that. Tell me if you do. Enjoy!

The blood from the cut started to drip down Jade's face. She stopped screaming and was just crying freely now.

"I'm not one for torture Jade. Don't worry, it'll be over quickly." I patted her on the head and walked over to my locker. Inside I withdrew the knives I had within. They were kitchen knives I had stolen from Home Economics.

I sauntered over to Jade and laid all ten out next to her. There were four five inch blades, gleaming sharp and razor tipped. The rest were smaller and varying in size. I took the smallest, maybe two inches, in hand and pushed up the sleeves of her dress shirt. I dragged the blade across the pale forearm, swiftly breaking the skin. The five inch cut started to bleed. I mirrored it on the other arm.

I observed before picking up the other small blade in my left hand. I moved to above her head looking down. Twisting them turned to twirling before I drove my right hand knife into her left arm. Quickly I plunged the other into her right arm.

Jade screamed and arched her back but the knife tip was imbedded through her arm into the wooden bench. I watched for a few minutes before pulling the knives out and thrusting them through the corresponding hands.

I watched her and realized no feelings filled me. No guilt, remorse or passion. Not even lust for killing. I watched her suffer and felt nothing.

Reaching for my three inch knives, I bent Jade's knees, leaving her feet flat on the bench. I once again stabbed right over left into her feet. She once again thrashed but much weaker this time and I could tell she was fading fast. I took three more knives, longer that the first four, and used one to cut a lock of her hair off. I took it and tucked it in my pocket. I left it stabbed in the bench next to her head. The other two were stabbed in her shoulders, turning her beautifully white shirt crimson. Blood started to also escape her mouth, leaving a trail as the clots fell onto the bench.

I took my five inch knives out and looked on last time into Jade's pretty face. She had stopped screaming and had almost passed out from the pain. But even now she was beautiful. I looked into her eyes, ones that had been lively and full of fun and energy. They were now dark and lifeless, she was fading fast. I twirled my knives and with rapid succession threw two into her eyes and one in her heart. The last one I used to break the fire alarm in the wall, the roof sprinklers starting to run. I watch as her life ebbed away. Scary as it was, I could still feel nothing.

The water covered everything. I ran and shut my locker, grabbing my bag as I ran to the sink. I looked at myself. Simple brown hair, just touch blond. It was wavey enough to not be straight but not curly. It rest right below my shoulders. My soft green eyes were ablaze, a passion lurked within and it was obvious a hatred did as well. Dark and dangerous, they showed a pride that was unheard of. I licked my dry lips and wiped the splattered blood from my face, which was thin and narrow but with gentle cheekbones and small lips. The face of a teenager.

I rinsed my hands and gathered my things. The raining water soaked my hair and distantly an alarm was ringing. I took my last knife from the back and carved a word into the metal door. Closing the door behind me I heard screaming coming from the MRP. The last knife was, in a final conclusion to my first kill, drove into the door handle, jamming it shut. I wiped my fingerprints off and started to jog away thinking of the word I carved on the wall: One.
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Re: Killer Inside

Postby Lil_Tiger on Jan 2 2013, 7:42pm

*wavy. Fingers slipped
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Re: Killer Inside

Postby Lil_Tiger on Jan 3 2013, 12:03am

Chapter 1. Feedback appreciated. Ideas welcome. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

I jogged home, bag on my shoulder. The two-story house loomed above me. I pushed open the solid oak door. I went to the kitchen and nicked an apple of the counter. I took a bite and my mom turned to look at me. One glance and she dismissed me. I lowered my gaze, as her voice cracked.

"Shower. Now. What were you thinking, a run at 5 o'clock?" She snorted and waved her towel at be before going back to washing dishes. "Dinner in 20. I'm going out with David. You'll be on your own."

I trotted up the stairs and checked the time. 5:40 pm. Good. I could catch the start of the 6 o'clock news.

I showered in 10 minutes, quickly washing my hair. I dried it and smiled. Smell of apples, my favorite. I walked out of my bathroom into my room. My mom was rich but I didn't like to use it to my advantage.

My room was large, bigger than most master suites. It was about 40 by 40 feet with a full sized bathroom. Queen sized bed, TV, speakers, gaming systems, and bookshelves decorated my room. Bookshelves lined the walls either side on my bed which was centered on one wall. It was those I walked over to now.

The books were arranged by author and I fingered through until I landed on my murder novels. Perfect. I grabbed some and put the on my bed. I changed into my pj's, fuzzy green pants and a soccer t-shirt, and tossed the bag on my bed. I ruffled through it. Nothing to connect me. Good. I grabbed by books and ran downstairs.

I peeked into the kitchen to find my mother gone. With a smile I spotted my dinner. I quickly picked it up without realizing how hot it was. Balancing the hot plate and my books, I worked my way to the couch. I almost dropped the plate on the coffee table before falling back into the plush cushions of the couch. The books were piled next to me and I hunted around for the remote to the TV.

I turned it on with one hand and fanned my steaming potatoes with the other. The channel was already set and with a contented sigh I leaned back, plopping my feet up onto the glass table. Tenderly I sucked my burned fingers as the TV flashed with breaking news. I smiled.

"Breaking News ladies and gentlemen as we head over to Samantha Grey Middle School tonight where we are still learning the details of what appears to be a false fire alarm. Janie, over to you," Mike Sorrund said with a false smile in his face.

Oh you know what's happening, I thought. You know everything...

"Thanks, Mike. The audience to the band concert over here at Samantha Grey Middle School received quite a surprise during the start of one of the most anticipated songs of the evening. After first chair flutist, Jade Hilly, didn't show up earlier this evening with no explanation to her absence, the concert was already delayed. But after the fire sprinklers went off, the concert had to be stopped for good. As we speak, the police and fire department are doing a walk of the school.

It will be incredible interesting to find the source of this- hold on a moment Mike."

The camera switched back Mike, looking very confused.

"Well, we'll have more information on that in a moment," he said slightly flustered.

Suddenly the camera flashed back to Janie.

"Breaking News here at Samantha Grey Middle School. The police have found a knife jammed in the door to the girl's locker room here at the school. As we speak, they are attempting the enter the building."

The cameraman and Janie jogged toward the locker rooms, taking the same path I did. I watched, the crime being replayed in my mind.

"Sir, can you tell us what is occurring here?" Janie questioned an officer.

"We have no conclusions as to what may have occurred here this night. No further comment." He walked offscreen and Janie ran after another officer.

I sat amused as I watched the screen. Janie continued to walk around gathering as much information as possible until someone called offscreen and everyone turn ad ran back to the locker rooms. A crowd was around the door to the girl's locker room: reporters, musicians, audience members and city officials. Policemen were holding the crowed back and Janie quickly join the crowd.

Mom came in and looked me.

"I'm leaving. David will be here shortly. I might not be back until morning."

I looked at her and wondered how she was my mother. Her face was long and narrow with perfect features. I had prefect features in a cute way, my mom was beautiful. Long, luscious locks fell over her shoulders, the ends perfect ringlets. Crimson lipstick covered her full lips. I shivered. The same color as Jade's blood. Huh, I thought.

What really got me was my mom's eyes. Everyone told me my eyes were my best feature. I agreed. Every time you looked in you saw something different, even I did. But my mom's, they were hard, unforgiving and almost lifeless to me. I watched as she turned and left, the black kitten heels clicking on the floor. The dark purple ​ dress was short and tight, bring out all my mom's great curves in any light or at any angle. No wonder she was dating for the second time this month.

I gave a cat call as she left and directed my attention back to the TV. No new news had been given out. The reporters still didn't know anything and the police weren't talking. As they blabbered on, I engrossed myself in a murder novel. I read for a good half an hour, slowly picking at my food at the same time, before any news came out.

I sat forward intently and watched. Word had gotten out there was a body. I laughed. This could be awhile if that's all they got. I watched all night, going through my novels before an actual description had been out together. It was around 12 when everything had come out. I laughed again. They weren't even close.

Grabbing the laptop on the coffee table, I drew up the report online and looked it over. I shook my head and printed it out. The police had got something's right. I turned back to the TV as Janie did her report.

"It was tragic night here at Samantha Greg Middle School. What first appeared to be a faulty fire alarm turn out to be a murder committed minutes before the police arrived.

"Jade Hilly did not show up for her concert tonight and was last seen entering the locker room. She was found mutilated and murdered in the girl's locker room, with more than 8 knives puncturing her body. Police have found almost no evidence as the water from the fire sprinklers have appeared to washed it away.

"Right now, a young adult woman is the most likely murderer the Police have concluded. Don't take anything for chance though. However, it is clear we have a murderer on the loose. Keep your doors locked and children close until this is resolved. This is Janie Sulliman here at Samantha Grey Middle School. Back to you John."

As John flashed back on, I shut the TV off. I put my dish in the sink and grabbed my books. I had ideas for my next kills.

In my room, I puzzled over the police report. They didn't mention the hair or writing. I didn't care though. They'd realize soon enough. Tomorrow was Sunday and I had another murder planned. I curled up in my plush bed and hummed slowly to myself.

"Red, the blood of angry men. Black, the dark of ages past. Red, a world about to dawn. Black, the night that ends at last. Red, I feel my soul on fire. Black, my world if she's not there. Red, the color of desire. Black, the color of despair..." I fell asleep, the tune echoing through my mind.
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Re: Killer Inside

Postby *NovaFolium (01) on Jan 3 2013, 3:06am

I'm beginning to think that your MC has major self esteem issues.
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Re: Killer Inside

Postby Lil_Tiger on Jan 3 2013, 8:52am

She may. :)
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