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  1. I think zta should be available all the time. The devs would make more money and we could make more gold. Everyone wants to grow.
  2. HTE ruined the game, let's not have more quitters
  3. [​IMG]
    I don't think you fully realise the impacts of what you asking for
  4. Who cares about impact?

    I only care about short term profit...

    Bring on the permanent zta
  5. No support for perm zta
  6. Support
  7. I want zta to be permanent.... but only for me and the select few I let in on it
  8. No support

    Market is already inflated and new land can sink up to max of 5 months before it gets inflated again, and perming zta will make the sinking period much less
  9. Zta shouldn't be permanent. The new lands are a gold sink for now but if we keep asking for more and more gold we ruin the market
  10. No support kaw will inflate enough as it is with the new lands plunder... Don't make more people quit 
  11. I don't see an exact inflation in the market any time soon and here's why
    first off even a lot of lb didn't max out rai lands right away 500t is a good amount of coin to sink in
    second those that are lcbc are gonna take sometime getting bumped up to actually market pricing and then you have all the large builds that were dropped and will take time to get bumped back up
    third those that are lcbc I don't see buying up really "small" builds they'd stick to the larger ones that got dropped and are seriously up now.
    instead what I'm thinking is gonna happen is just an insanely larger gap between ally lb and non ally lb the smaller allies probably won't be bumped up as high but the big ones will get fought over
  12. Already made a thread about this lol
  13. No support.. You shouldn't be able to grow over 20 mcs in a week
  14. I grew 30mcs this weekend sorry
  15. But yet you're still playing...
  16. Support
  17. There was a thread sometime back where the devs said that hte was going to get a revamp.