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  1. Both clans are such a joke in OSW and still pounding out EBs
  2. Ya...good luck with that
  3. Says the guy posting with an alt
  4. Why. Just why.

    Grow some balls. You are embarrassing yourself.
  5. I love your balless alt post.
  6. I now have tears on my wall
  7. This will end in derail
  8. It's a war game not an EB game and thanks for all the Inc love the links
  9. Yeah they're keeping pinned and making gold to repot and build strip funds.
  10. Devs need to remove the 20% DTW from the game then a OSW would be great
  11. Do you honestly expect 3 of ZAFT clans to ALL hit a clan non stop? They're always dtw.
    However I agree dtw needs to be removed.
  12. Zaft wouldn't let me in neither would judgment so maybe I'll go to AD and play the game the way it was supposed to be played and put my alt back in moth balls
  13. Zaft and judgment wouldn't let you in?
    Oh I wonder why..
  14. @Dino I just picked a random from judgment and not dtw so 3vs1 that shouldn't happen
  15. @Soup I've fought beside you many times so get off my post
  16. Now that's where I get confused.. Hmm
  17. Ur "I tried to join both sides, but neither wanted me" at least provides a reason for making the thread. But why not simply say that u feel butt-hurt because no one picked u? Of course it's boring to some dude who wants in but can't. I'm sure I would be bored watching an EB clock wind down from outside a clan too.

    Now we know. Thanks.

  18. UW, the important ones are dtw, the lower ones like Orlay are open, active and don't hit back.
  19. @Loremaster what you said has some truth to it I will give you that
  20. OSW strips are expensive. The cash has to come from somewhere. Getting attack pots and self pinning are just bonuses.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.