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Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by 1SexyLady, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. Suspect,

    so many great memories back then. You were a awesome ZAFT leader. I learned a lot from you and lp. Thank you for that. You will forever be known as one of those great ZAFT Leader Legends. New beginnings
  2. Long live Ithaca. 
  3. It’s been fun!

    I’ve spent most of my time on KaW in one ZAFT clan or another. Like many others, I migrated eventually to Carnage. I like to think of Carnage as the best of the best (with a few noobs like myself thrown in). To me, the strength of Carnage has been its leadership, it’s inclusiveness, and a solid foundation of avid warriors. It’s the best place to be in KaW.

    Carnage has earned respect in it’s own right, and as such can be proud of its past and own its own future.

    Thank you to the many that have posted with respect, I know many of you to be hard hitting adversaries and have made this game a lot of fun. Much respect 

    To all those old ZAFTIES out there....

    So long, and thanks for all the fish
  4. Well said harm.
  5. So many hours spent and memories made while in ZAFT. Laughing, raging, and button-mashing. It was amazing while it lasted but I feel the best is yet to come️

  6. I haven’t told many this but when I first started playing kaw, Ithaca, one of Zaft’s leaders and a top leaderboard player, took me under his wing during the plunder wars days. He pushed everyone to play at the highest level and encouraged me (as a guest) each step of the way as we advanced through the 2012 Summer tourney. Despite his rank, he took the time to focus on the team and his greater kaw family... even us little guys back then. I considered him the heart of Zaft and I believe that the experience and play style really set the tone.

    Several years later, I often think back on choices made, how they led to launching Warlor, and ultimately going head-to-head against Zaft in osw at their prime. Without the rivalry, there would be few memories worth leaning on. So many connections in an even greater story — one that has yet to end.

    With that said, I’m sure it took a lot of self reflection and courage for 1SL to make this post, initiating an honest discussion with the greater kawmunity, and for that, respect has to be given.

    As Carnage now plots a new course, I look forward to seeing this battle-tested group carve a new identity... on their terms. Nothing but support for this effort and I sincerely wish you guys the best in this “tap tap” game we love.


    ⚜ฟαя£๑я ς๑υиςi£⚜
  7. IMF,

    Thanks for that. I really appreciate the nice words. You are 100% right about Ith. He also did a lot for me when we first created Carnage. I remember way back when during the Yafi/Judgment war, he spent loads of time mentoring younger players, myself included. He taught me a ton about game mechs and always tried to help the smaller accounts grow.

    As far as the rest....
    Many of our KaW careers have been defined fighting against each other. I have been playing for about 7 years. And I think 5 of that has been fighting against Apoc. I’m glad to see how the mutual respect and friendships have developed over that time for both sides of the wars.

  8. Huge respect to you and your family. At the end of the day we all fought together all these years and I have nothing but respect for the fun we all had. Go forth and enjoy.
  9. I had a lot of fun over the years made some cool friends hit each other n pm about it Vamperous and my favorite friend Return of Amar . much respect to all lots of fun
  10. Sexy your are the best and always have been. Took Badboy and Myself into the clan and treated us like family. Carnage your are family and will always be. I don’t post a lot and probably not as active as I need to be but real life calls. Been on here 7 years most with Sexy and will continue to be till I’m finished. Thanks for all the kind comments from peeps posting. New adventures await KAW, here comes CARNAGE!!!
  11. Much respect. ZAFT will always be the first clan name that I looked up to and admired when I started this game.
  12. You where awesome opponents!

    All the best luck creating a new Legacy!

    KotFE Lord
  13. So many old school Legends!

    I have had the pleasure of fighting with and against nearly everyone that has posted here. Good Luck Carnage on your new endeavor!
    Has been an honor!️

  14. I wish Carnage the best of luck in all your endeavours. You by far were the best clan I fought with on that side. (Yes, I would know lmao) Such a strong clan really aimed to destroy what targets set out; carnage always destined for osw, so make sure you always kick ass. Big shout out to ma man Vamp and Amar.

    Much love and fond memories,

  15. All the best for the future  you guys will continue to succeed
  16. Having been in a zaft clan or two at a couple points, it's hard to see you guys go. Wishing you well and good luck in future endeavors.
  17. Much respect to ZAFT and To a new beggining. I will like to see you guys progress to a dynasty.
  18. Man I'm truly going to miss the ZAFT name ,but not the family ...becouse our family is still here at CARNAGE and holding strong!!! CARNAGE has planted it's owns roots into kaw and they will keep growing stronger and taller.

    Thank you sexy for leading us this far and keeping us all together even when **** hit the fan. Now our new journey awaits us .

    Rip ZAFT  cheers fam
  19. Thank you all for your kind comments. It remains an honor to be a part of the carnage family across the last few years. When I began playing kaw some 5 years ago I aspired to be part of Zaft, this harps back to times before some parts of the behemoth that was Zaft garnered the bad press that the rest were tainted with. SL graciously took a leap of faith and took me under Carnage’s wing during the start of the last great and final OSW that carried the Zaft name. I think that I’ve proven over time that I am not a mole lol
    This is one great family. SL is a fantastic leader, kind, inspirational, level headed and i wish she was my boss in real life! The fact that Carnage has endured against all odds over so many years shows the kind of bond and loyalty we have for each other.
    I look forward to the new dawn without the Zaft tag as we continue to forge our own path and evolve.
    Thank you to the many who have fought both with us and against us, as you have kept the fire burning to drive us on and keep our game up, most of whom we have forged good relationships with based on a foundation of mutual respect  kaw on!
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