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  1. I think sons of spaeta will be the future of kaw
  2. Sons of sparta*
  3. I think that big clans and super powers could always be in the making. Don't have to be kaw famous to be a totally bad war clan that no one messes with though...
  4. Support!!
    Get some better allies while your at it too.
  5. SoS wanted a cf from me within 24 hours. Keep dreaming

  6. I suppose Yafi deserves some credit, I'm sure it requires a lot of effort setting all those accounts up with bots and then just sitting back and watching. Too bad so many of them got banned....
  7. Top kek
  8. Lmfao -v- u wish...u just ant worth are time, troops,or spys atm
  9. Wanted a CF from you? Keep dreaming 
  10. OP, there has been clans huge in kaw that has disappeared. There will never be one single huge power that cannot be torn down. That was supposably ZAFT, but Apoc has all by ruined them completely.
  11. Don't make me pull out the SS of zombie trying to get a cf and safe face lol
  12. Lol kaw is not nearing its final days
  13. V pull it out!! LEt's see that SS.
  14. Support. Show us the SS
  15. Lmao yeah lets see what you think a CF request is 
  16. Support
  17. For the record. In my 3 years of playing kaw wdga(not sure if I can add the f without being silenced) has always been one of the bigger alliances in kaw. And at the moment the 2nd biggest alliance in kaw.
  18. I think due to the intrest ive had on this thread ill do more homework n a better thread to include more clans like wdgaf and when they united with uc n maybe put some history on these alliances including osw's and creations and in some cases deaths.

    Request lock
  19. Wasnt a cf dustbowl was a big chicken poop we all know how it really went down.