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  1. Step 1:
    Form a new clan on the basis of a training academy
    Form a new clan by absorbing another clan
    (This is meant by ZAFT's "We multiply")

    Step 2:
    Do lots of EBs in the new clan to kick start.

    Step 3:
    Throw new clan members into war. Tell them this is training and learning how to war.
    Overwhelm enemy with new members (or new alts).

    ZAFT big guns continue to do EBs while these new members war for them.

    Step 4:
    Repeat Steps 1 to 3

    How to ensure these new ZAFT members stay in clan to fight for the leaders?
    Forbid them from posting and reading the forum to find out the truth! :lol:
  2. Well, that was enlightening
  3. I smell an apology thread coming. Kick them Meisha!! Get em good!
  4. Go meisha!!
  5. Enlightening isn't quite the word for it.
  6. Get off forums dumb ass. And wait for me in your news feed. Unlike the rest of your clan you may hit back.
  7. Apologize now. Get it over with before you get a beating.
  8. Actually in many of the OSW's I was in with ZAFT, many of the pure spies "which is what I'm assuming you guys are, are naturally too weak for the top guys to hit, this creating confusion for the other clan
  9. Buy some spy def pots 4/4/0/np 
  10. @CGC or w/e it is
    One of you fools do hit back  lets play 
  11. Only 4 hits? What happened to the rest of your troops?
  12. Lol I love how these little noobs can't seem to jump off the zaft shaft. Pathetic when little weaklings come to forum and make threats for clans they arent even in. It isn't just zaft. They used to ride the ig pole and the black hand dick too. Hilarious to me. U better stop talking crap or I'm gonna have someone else hit youcuz im so bad ass. Lololol
    Eat it wwe.
  13. Who cares. Everyones entitled to their own opinions.
  14. Still going CGP but I imagine he's not reporting Inc 
  15. :roll: we'll that paragraph doesn't make u a badass
  16. @knocks been in ZAFT for 72 days now. Noob? Hardly. Anyway off forums think there is a rule about
    Posting on noob threads
  17. Ya_judgment_Fi needs to get out forums and start making this war interestingand cgp, pls come out pin already 
  18.  ok goodnight 