Your Legend awaits!

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  1. How do you play? The scout quest?
  3. Are we still going to see aq & inf rewarded outside of wars n eb drops? seems like sumthing u forgot. As it was i was not making enough to max eq out n now i'll b lucky if i do 1 enchant every cpl weeks. Also once we beat a legends task can we move straight to the next or do we have to wait the whole 2 weeks before it sets another?
    ...rewards r garbage if we do have to wait.
  4. No more xstals or Crux might as well give up
  5. You will need to open up legends several times (4-5) before all drops will drop from ebs.

    Just an fyi for those who are missing some of the items from eb drops.
  6. ATA turned kaw into a turd long ago in attempt to kill pvp...devs keep polishing same turd not realizing it's just a sloppier, messier turd now. I'm done funding ATA. I'm happy to hit my targets till they grow out of reach.

    Not dropping build, not quitting, but not spending. The last sods, circles, xstals, etc bought will not be replaced when gone.
  7. Fix coming soon. Keep an eye on the App Store. In the mean time you should only see a crash after you see a dialogue sequence. Then you should be able to log back in and resume play.
  8. devs, what can you tell us about future updates regarding roleplay?
  9. Investigate pimd stories... I wish it were just adding dialogue.
  10. Personally, I'd like to know if Commander Brannyn finally reveals his true fealings for Captain Gwyn.
  11. PimD is great. Don't you want avatars?
  12. Does this mean no more events? That means my pc account is screwed?

  13. Brannyn is for sure hitting that.
  14. you know, i kinda meant like player roleplay in the community. but that works too
  15. These are just event with a diff name? Pff and I thought it would be sth new-_-

    Just read it won't be available for pc. Gj screwing pc only players and people like me who play alts on pc. You guys are a joke
  16. Please come up with a workable format for PC of my best friends is leaving the game after 6 years of makes me incredibly sad to lose him and probably many others due to this 
  17. Ata guys answering all question/problems except fix for pc users complain.
    So much ignorance.

    Stop trying to earn money, try to make community better..
    Bring back 2-3x normal plunder ebs, try to bring back clam loyalty..

    All the updates you do increaaes gap only
  18. Kongregate is really screwed you may as well just close kaw on there.
  19. If I get extra event items than what a legend requires will they carry over to the next legend that needs them or will they just disappear?
  20. Really enjoying the new feature and look forward to seeing what else you do with it.

    I would like to see the leaderboards where the event info was originally just to stop the legends screen from being quite so cluttered. Other than that I quite like it.

    Don't know what I was expecting but I'm satisfied with the opportunity to expand the feature

    Keep up the good work