Your Legend awaits!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Caster, May 25, 2017.

  1. new lands oh yea
  2. Woooooo we get to do shrooooommssss!
  3. Wahoo. A major update
  4. Looks spiffy. And my first legend looks legit. Even the rewards are worth chasing. 
  5. The heights and depths thing makes me think there are 2 sets of lands o_O
  6. Can we have all the available equip posted somewhere with stats?
  7. Yeah we're planning a forum post with some details. It's something that will come out soon!
  8. Im so moist
  9. So you reskinned the promos and called it a new feature. Well played well played
  10. I just see one problem with this... I don't have the update for legends 
  11. Snarky, I like it. Yes Legends does basically replace what you used to know as events. However the system is a lot more powerful and allows us to do what we believe are some really cool things. Maybe there's a rare drop from a particular EB that triggers a secret Legend? Maybe after receiving a Legend a new item appears in the Store? There's a lot of stuff you haven't seen yet. Aight?
  12. Great, kinda...
  13. no
  15. If this is actually intended to replace promos then there's gonna be a much larger issue with it not being available on PC version. I assumed this was gonna be a side thing kinda like quests. It appears that perhaps it's not going to be a side thing but instead is a replacement for the common 2 week promos?

    There's a number of us here in kaw that play this game at work. That's the attraction of kaw. I can play on my phone/ipad/ipod/etc at home but I can have it up all day at work. If I'm now going to be limited to doing promo-type things only when i'm home....that's kinda going to suck.

    Any thoughts about that devs? Is this intended to replace promos? If so, you gonna rethink the idea of not making it available on PC?
  16. oi, dont gif me u little cookie.
  17. While you won't be able to collect Legends rewards if you ONLY play on PC, if you have access to a phone/iPad/iPod/etc then you should be alright. You will still be able to make progress on the PC after triggering a Legend on your device. You'll still have to wait to get home to collect your rewards, but that's still better than waiting the usual two weeks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. <3
  19. Is 500 sbs max reward or there are tiers like event ?

    If you have tier rewards in legend, please post/update it.

    We need to know whats the max goal..

    Else 500 sbs for 13 days is useless