Your First Clan

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  1. Black Plague Assassins
  2. I was in that clan too
  3. First clan was the last rogue Knights  then the dragon inn 
  4. How about telling the story before adding i to your name and my ally who created the acct because of your drama and antics. Hmmmm. Rem Growlithes-Lover? You are a blowhard forum troll
  5. Dawn of the foxes
  6. The Family Of Warriors was my 1st clan, joined it about 1hr after I started playing and owner disbanded it about 1yr later. Joined Semper Fi after that and almost 5yrs later I still have friends in my clan now from both those clans.good drink for old friends still kicking
  7. Mine was Forsake the Fallen. Great family there.
  8. I dont remember since I started almost 5 years ago
  9. When I first started I moved around a lot, didn't really know what I was doing, until I joined the takers, that was my first clan I stayed in, then I moved around a bit again and eventually ended up in lord of the rings, I learned a lot there, everything from plunder bonus, what to build, and how to play, I also learned how to osw there, vs ig and bh, was a tough war because we were out numbered and taken apart, I spent over 3 awesome years at lord of the rings/the new Lotr, and have some amazing friends, but due to the idea of a council and hte destroying it and the lack of direction to provide a better future for the clan I now reside at RESILIENCE,
  10. I started in a random noob clan where we did mostly tier 1-tier 3 ebs. After the owner made some dumb choices I moved on to DB4D RISE where I was taught the game and made a great bunch of friends, many of which I still talk to daily. Eventually I moved up to main clan where I've stayed all the way to present day. Only ever left for equipment.
  11. War nerve, late 2010/early 2011.
  12. Don't remember first clan, did remember took us five tries to complete warbeasts though
  13. CWB>Crazies>TheWaywardKnights>Rawwrr>RISK>Rawwrrr>DysFUNctional>Rawwrrr
  14. Well, I was in a few clans before this one. But Shadow Empire used to be owned by a great guy, PUltimate. This clan wasn't just any clan, it was a family. That's cheesy and all, but that is exactly what it was. I became good friends with some of these people out of the game, and it was the closest group of people I've ever been in. Since then, though everyone but PUltimate became inactive. And I was given the clan to run so long as I don't disband it. So, I guess I came around in a full circle. It was a very fun time, back at the beginning when wars were all we had. We started doing epic battles, and they were great. But the atmosphere of the clan was second to none.
  15. My very first one was 'knights of the round table' I believe but that was eons ago. But my first real clan that got me into to kaw was "Unsung Heroes" they were great with Lagrosa and The Legendary Green.
  16. I started in a clan called karnage, then went to dancer_of_destiny's family  don't remember the name of the clans. I then joined ranger corp and made a lot of friends there.
  17. Haunted shadows and fallen immortal, sadly both original clans gone