Yes, We Have to Talk About Trump Again

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  1. While your list of people has some people on it who achieved good things the only one on that list who I would consider as capable as Hîtler is Churchill. This is not me claiming what Hîtler done was acceptable or that he was a good man, this is me looking back on history with non bias opinion the way someone looking at history should do and acknowledging that he was an extremely intelligent and capable man.
  2. As for Churchill rebuilding Britain how did he rebuild Britain when he was voted out of office shortly after the war ended? He was an amazing war time leader, the best leader of the entire war actually but he did not rebuild Britain.
  3. You claim churchill didn't rebuild anything what he did do was rebuild the spirit of resistance in the uk following the disastrous phoney war and the retreat to Dunkirk. Within days of his arrival the idea of surrender to Germany was no longer discussed.

    Also Germany was rebuilding itself rather well before the rise of the national socialists. The Austrian corporal just changed that from an peaceful rebuilding too a hideous monster which fed on the blood of hundreds of thousands slave workers. Prior to the Great Depression the national socialists had lost influence and power in elections and were being pushed to the political wilderness again.
    He exploited fears and used them to justify a hideous moral bankrauptcy in a civilised nation.

  4. I didn't claim he didn't rebuild anything, I claimed he didn't rebuild Britain. I think you will find ingrained very deeply into every Briton is a spirit of resistance, that refusal to give in, spirit alone would not have enabled the resistance of the Luftwaffe. What Churchill did, though brilliant, was NOT rebuild Britain. No amount of talk would ever have ended in a British surrender, it's not in a Britons blood.

    I'm sorry but I disagree, if it was a 'peaceful' rebuilding then the foundations for H rise would not have been there. You can't claim that the huge amount of rightful resentment felt by the German people between 1918-1933 was ever going to be 'peaceful'
  5. In 1930, President Hindenburg assumed emergency powers to back the administrations of Chancellors Heinrich Brüning, Franz von Papen and General Kurt von Schleicher. Between 1930 and 1933 the Great Depression, worsened by Brüning's policy of deflation, led to a surge in unemployment.

    This, above was directly related to and the cause of H's appointment to chancellor.
  6. Can I ask after history lesson what the heck has it to do with a muppet with a wig and the Republican Party
  7. Agreed lolololol
  8. I'm Barack O'fawma and I approve this message.
  9. Trumps candidacy only exist to ensure Hillary Clinton is the next president.
  10. The history is very relevant. People can look at history for insight into how a candidate may act if elected president.
  11. Didn't Trump prove his hair is real? I know it's a mess and it LOOKS like a toupe, but I thought he had somebody pull on it during one of his speeches to prove it.
  12. That or we could all be bullheaded and swear it will be different this time because it's obviously with good intentions. :lol:
  13. Yeah he did and it was hilarious. I still demand a birth certificate though. :lol:
  14. Keep dreaming :lol:
  15. Has there ever been anyone like trump to compare maybe one of three stooges
  16. He attacked Russia in spring, no?

    Either way, it doesn't matter. The Russians lost more people to the cold than the Germans did - the Germans were better equipped for the cold than the Russians were.
  17. Yes, i agree. I see it as america having a choice of electing the lesser of 10 evils atm. In my country its much the same only voting is mandatory & we don't have the right to free speech, so its fairly tough to make your voice heard unless a large group rebel at once...large enough so there are too many to silence. Filling in blanks pages at voting polls is easy enough but some idiot will always get elected so better u vote atleast for the preferable is to protest but due to law reforms recently protesting has been made more is secretly organising a rebellion is openly organising these last cpl of steps cross my mind i wonder how many more are thinking this...and if there are a few, ww3 is going to look small in comparison to the revolution that could possibly come from these ideas in a day of world-wide, nearly instantaneous communication. The government are scared atm and they are doing everything they can to distract us imo. i'm just a crackpot with conspiracy in my words though...what do i kno lol
  18. No not at all the German Wehrmacht lacked the equipment to handle the Russian winters something they still hadn't sorted by the time of the battle of Stalingrad nearly 18 months later.
    The Russians did lose more people than the Germans but they also fielded a huge army and many of those divisions such as the Siberian units deployed to stop the Germans before Moscow were well equipped. The Russians had learnt some the the lessons from the war with Finland a few years before.
  19. Ok firstly the British Foreign minister had been in discussions with the then neutral Italy during early 1940 and it wasn't until churchill very deliberately outmanoeuvred lord Halifax at a cabinet meeting in may 1940 that the idea of a negotiated peace with Germany was finally put to rest. It was down to him and his actions that the British empire didn't bow out if the war then.
  20. Trump is a wildcard despite his continued high poll numbers. When it comes to the primary, will more centrist republicans and also evangelical republicans come around to voting for him? Or has he gathered together a significant voting block but it won't be enough for the nomination because he will rejected by them.

    Ted Cruz has a real chance to be nominated.
    His campaign (it might actually have been him) has said they are deliberately modeling their efforts on Obama's 2008 primary battle with Hillary Clinton. (And Obama has run some of the most viciously effective and powerful campaigns in our lifetime - so it's quite a model) Cruz is organizing on the state delegate level, counting votes, positioning himself to pick up major voting blocks. He is terribly smart and calculating. So much so that he is likely to pivot and make nice to the people he has been bad to, in order to get them aboard once he has other constituencies locked up. Cruz scares me because he is cold blooded. He's going to look great to a bunch of true believers, and he's going to convince a bunch of people to go along with him if he looks like a winner, but people who have dealt with him politically don't like him and even hate him. There was an interesting article on the freedom caucus (of radical conservatives in the house.) Cruz had aligned himself with them over the government shut down and other matters. But this member of the freedom caucus was saying that Cruz never really listened to them. Cruz is for Cruz and for ideals that he treats as more important than people. A dangerous and scary man, who is scarily effective and may well be the nominee.

    Marco Rubio has moved into an interesting position straddling establishment republicanism and the tea party. He is a very effective debater, is personally appealing to people, is good at raising money and has a solid organization. All of this makes him a possible winner of the nomination.

    Jeb Bush is now an outlier. He has the deep pockets to stay in the game and could come back strong later in the primary season. But it keeps looking less likely because of how poorly he himself campaigns.

    No one else has a shot at the republican nomination IMO.