Xtal Clock

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Savage, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Why is this still not a thing?
  3. Decent idea but doesn't really add value to the game..
  4. Sure it does. Tons of players buy and use crystals daily, but there's no system built around it while there are limitations. Meaning if you aren't careful the day before, you may lock up and be unable to use more during something important. A simple clock counting when you first crystaled and how long you'll be locked for would add structure and value to the use and application of health crystals.
  5. Absolutely 100% SUPPORT. Was literally just going to ask support lol
  6. No support.

    Learn to remember when you used your first Xtal of the day and set an alarm 
  7. Sure support. No use to me though
  8. Support. It would make the KaW lives of big spenders easier and they're the ones keeping the game alive. Why having a clock for other boosting features like mith spells, BR and other plunder bonus spells -heck battle cry can be tracked by the entire wc!- but not for xtals?
    Grant, please respond to the Kawmunity.
  9. That's a savage idea
  10. Thank god i dont need this
  11. Quite a good idea..
  12. No support to the little terds who said no support. Why would you not support this?
  13. I hate this guy, hope he steps on a nail