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  1. Someone said if I pressed reset I would get more gold where are my buildings ? I want them back I was doing so good
  2. Report who told you to do it to ata
  3. Reset clearly means reset and not "GET MOAR GOLDZZ"

    Your fault for being stupid, sorry mate
  4. Don't feed the trolls
  5. My heart goes out to you
  6. :lol: that's GOLDen.
  7. Ask Swabia if there's a specific code

    jk lololol
  8. Whoever did this deserves vk xD
  9. this is a great troll attempt D)
  10. Hey OP,

    Typically, resets - reset you to the beginning.

    You now get nothing worth wild for reseting. Please note, there are some untrustworthy peeps in this game.

    If you'd like help, follow me.
  11. Lemme guess your a dragon girl pounding them dragon ebs :p
  12. AJ, you gonna help them reset again?
  13. Reset the reset?
  14. Thank you lol
  15. Many of you find it funny but I do not I want this is help others not to fall for the same scam! I had all my lands and buildings I was valued at 60billion do you realise how expensive I was? That shows you just how well I was doing ! Basically I was doing too well and someone wanted to destroy my hard work because I was much to powerful! Now I start all over again I had a very good soldier too that i bought he was expensive so if anyone sees him just ask him to come back!

  16. Top persons value is 40 trillion or something

    And anyone on the game could grow your old cs in a day
  17. No they can not build my strength In a day I was immemsly powerful! It is clear you do not fully understand what you are on about I also have to pay for each land now„ I should not listen to that person and reset but that doesn't make it less rekevabt . I am good at this game and I was already one if not the strongest players you would have seen! I had lots of clothes too that made me stronger so don't act like I was not strong
  18. Clearly a pretty poor troll attempt. Better material please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.