WTF Devs

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  1. I have just one question...

    Why... In all hell... Are the Bhai Necklace and Bloody Crown Leaderboards only paying out to the top 100?

    I knew you Devs were greedy, but this one absolutely takes the cake. Some of us (Tank builds ESPECIALLY) depend on the income from hard grinding these USELESS REPETITIVE SHELL EVENTS and to upkeep on equipment that will be OUTDATED IN A WEEK.

    I'm sorry. I don't normally lose my composure, but this is... I have no words for this. This is simple greed at its most base and blatantly obvious.

    You throw literal °°°° at your community of players, and you don't even have the COMMON DECENCY TO BE ASHAMED.

    I've absolutely had it. I'm just warring from now on if only the top 100 get payout.

    I can grind for top 500. I refuse to lose the life and/or money it would take to make top 100 in this disgusting excuse for a game.
  2. I'm pretty sure the eb and PvP leaderboards have been top 100 or better for ages.

    War leaderboard is what goes to top 500 which it does.
  3. This is correct. Last event/legends series was the exception, this is what it has been for a long time now
  4. No equipment in this event :(
  5. Equipment is available from the "main" part of the event. Warring and PvP give drops for this event as well as other rewards. Just because they don't drop equipment specifically as rewards for those parts doesn't mean there are no pieces of equipment to get.
  6. The legend collect Bhai necklaces
  7. Not going to lie I'm confused are you on PC? Is that why you only see the leaderboard prizes? If you're not on about that its nearly always been top 100 a long time ago there used to be top 500 and even 1k I think but not for a long time.
  8. They must be on PC that's all you can see on PC nothing else.
  9. You get rewards as usual,Top 100 just showes the xtra rewards you get for being top 10 50 100.first time doing legends maybe?
  10. Having checked OP's profile they have clearly done legends before as they have equipment from previous legends but yes as has been said above legends are currently not available on PC therefore only the top 100 or better will show and even then you still need to be on a device to collect the rewards if you get top 100 or better.
  11. That's not True you can't collect rewards on pc
  12. I'm an Extremist Turtle build. I make all of my income from silver bars. I've been farming these hard for a few months give or take, and I've been teetering on top 100-500 for said months.

    I know I live lifted, but I'm 95% sure there's been top 500s or I've been getting payed silver bars for existing... Which seems more logical?
  13. There have been top 500 rewards for PvP in the past and as a special weekend legend last event we got top 1000 for PvP. For a good while now top 100 has been the start of the leaderboard rewards and anything outside of that is out of the norm. You can still get plenty of rewards from the PvP events, war and eb/main event so you aren't being shafted at all.
  14. Cant see that he mention hes playing on pc,and been collecting rewards(eq) previous.was not answering your problem with pc so not sure what that had to do with this thread?so i was speaking the truth lol
  15. Lol no point complaining devs are just taking the income people are dumb enough to throw at this with minimal updates. Dont waste your breath this game is outdated and just a money farm for ata
  16. What in the nipples. You're literally giving me silver bars that are worth a trillion gold for literally nothing? You guys are literal cancer. I cannot even right now
  17. Shut up