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  1. With the start of this new, ahhh whatever this thing is, Grumblings amongst KAWers are already loud. What's up with the pathetic scroll like drop rate for arrows. How are we supposed to bet arrows when nobody has any? (And proposing a betting atmosphere in a 9+ game is a totally different issue). So in true spirit of this promo(?) I am taking bets whether this will be worst promo so far? Feel free to make any other promo complaints here. And as always happy KAWing
  2. Where's the troll?
  3. Shhhhh, not even the trolls want an arrow to the knee.
  4. I used to walk across the battlefield and pick up stray arrows, then I took an arrow to the knee. :lol:
  5. Worst part about this promo? Attitudes like yours. Less than 24 hours into and people have quay claimed this a failure. And I'm bar far a fan of any promo. But at the sand time I'm mature enough to just go about my kaw life and watch these promos go by. Have fun with it or ignore it.
  6. Strip farm the mods until they improve the promos
  7. Many promos have started off slow and rates are increased as time passes. Either do the promo or don't. Please don't judge a book by its cover, last couple of promos have been good.
  8. Judge a book by its cover ^ wise fella there

    This promo have been around for a bit i think everyone here read the first page
  9. Whining about a free to play game. I'll never understand these people's thought process.
  10. you don't like the propo???? or you're under-aged?? :lol:

    I have a solution!! Just HNR until the promo ends, ...and wait for the next! maybe better luck for you!!! :mrgreen:
  11. You know why so many mods are in kotfe? For protection 
  12. No betting in a 9+ game? Understandable. Hopefully the devs will fix that, so that casting extra mith doesnt increase your winnings (don't want to bet extra with). Also, when we try out a harder EB, I'm betting my time that we will win. Devs should fix that, only let us run warbeasts. Or, I could not complain about another free optional give away, and just play the game.
  13. I agree with Acetown except for the atrocious spelling.
    You realize that Devs made this stuff so that we could all spice this game up a little?
    Don't be a Hater!
  15. First of all,,ace is my least fave mod,hanging from the devs coat tails. And if noone complains How else are things going to change.. no Ace just keep driving straight following your rule book.. make betting fun (more arrows) duh!!
  16. Yeah I would have to agree with op at about this promo or event as a fail it's not too much about the gambling part but about the very low drop rate of these so called arrows which is probably even lower of a drop rate than the scroll drops in SS/TS/AFF or maybe even aqua/inferno or any equip. How are we supposed to gamble or vote if you must when we don't get any drops of arrows to do that in the first place.

  17. I don't like events where it's luck to get drops. The best events are the ones where the drops are based on activity.
  18. All promos in the past since the HTE was introduced had some sort of drop. So far no drops. If I am to "bet" on a war, to win these arrows, and lose my one and only arrow, what then? Kinda ridiculous. Should have started out with 10 so if we lose a bet, we'd still have opportunity to bet again. Or make them drop from HTE like normal. Oh well, I'm not too thrilled about this. I liked the dragon eggs and feathers better. :) good luck guys.
  19. I just wish more people would spell better and check before posting on forums. Where is the intelligence in these people posting crap?
  20. You poor people are just unlucky. Already I have 8 arrows