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  1. I don't understand how you can expect me to think of every last thing. Especially in a rp game. Anyways, why do I have to suffer consequences for you misunderstanding what i understood. :|
  2. You mean you misunderstanding me.

    Suffer? You get to build a launch pad to launch a WMD into space in less than three turns. Additionally, no one can go to war with you to stop it.

    This is just a hiccup.

    If you were in the line chat, this issue would have been resolved. Because I asked the entire group about it.
  3. lmao you said WMD on purpose didn't you? ;) :lol:
    If the entire group agreed to it then I guess I can't complain.
  4. Reserved for my turn
  5. [title=firebrick+darkgoldenrod]NPC: China[/title]

    With the many nations of the world seeing this as a possibility to strengthen their power, China decides that it is time for them to flex their muscles as well. The nations of Korea and China, seeing that they both have communist governments now, decide to combine into one.

    For their first victim, China chooses the lonely island off of their coast, Japan. A threat is issued to Japan stating that they must surrender and be integrated into the Chinese empire, or be taken by force in a war that they cannot win.

    475k Infantry
    50k Marines
    35k Special Forces
    12 Carriers
    565 Fighter Jets
    130 Bombers
    275 Submarines
    75 Destroyers
    15 Littoral ships
    30 Troop Transports
    415 Helicopters
    400 Tanks
    125 Artillery
    20 Frigates
    10 Cruisers
  6. TIR calls an emergency meeting with Germany, Japan and UPAA. Individually and as a group.

    First UF army group - 60K soldiers, 300 SF, 30 Artillery, 90 tanks, 30 helies, 15 PGSA, 60 ADS humvees.

    First UF carrier TF - 3 carriers (120 jets, 30ASB) 11 destroyers, 7 missile cruisers, 4 frigates 3 subs 20 torpedo boats.

    (Donate-able forces)

    TIR home guard isn't included in these numbers so they can.. Guard their home.
    Marines – 15K (Can be donated out)
    Airforce – 2k pilots - 50 jets - 20 ASB (Can be donated out)
  7. Japan:

    Japan is a proud nation and will not give in so quickly to such a threat from a country trying to intimidate us. Although this may be a fight we cannot win, we will fight until the end. Japan calls upon its allies to fight against this rogue nation.

    A call to arms is posted throughout Japan to help combat this menace. All and any patriots in this country are requested to do a short military training exercise and be given a weapon. This kind of action from China is uncalled for, and as a result, we will not go down without taking as many of them with us.

    Japan attends the TIR's emergency meeting.

    Tokyo - Producing 20 Helicopters. (1 turns)
    Sendai - Producing 10 submarines. (Complete)
    Osaka - Producing 25 Fighter Jets. (Complete)
    Sapporo - Producing 2 Frigates (Complete)
    Minimata - Producing 2 destroyers. (Compete)

    10,000 Infantry begin training (Complete)

    Radar invisible ships. Ships are not seen on radar until they are within 5 mi. (Complete)
    Advanced naval targeting system. (Complete)

    Solar Powered Ships.
    Advanced Radar Stealth
    Advanced Naval Targeting System

    12 Destroyers
    2 Frigates
    6 Troop Transports
    30,000 Infantry
    75 Fighter Jets
    30 Submarines
    1 Aircraft Carrier

    Allies: TIR, UPPA, and Germany
  8. The UPAA attends the meeting.
  9. The Roman Republuc attends as well
  10. AFT fleet commander attends the meeting
  11. Can all countries attending, asked or not, list their military strength in the same post. Also, strategy;

    We assemble and send a quick task force to japan.
    We open a few fronts in istania to contain them.
    Form theater naval groups to defend against Chinese war ships
    Invade china in 3 parts. (Battle groups)
  12. 150x Fighter Planes
    200x bombers
    20x BM1
    700x ASSDIM
    2500x Ground Soldiers
    400 pilots
    10500x secret police

    Tactic: Sell technologies for more technologies so Swaziland becomes the most technologically advanced nation in the world.

    Secret Move
    Begins to build a space pad (4 turns)
    Begins to design a space ship with missiles (no nukes) called 'Peace And Love' (PAL) (6 turns)
    Begins to design missiles for that space ship in which one can hit a 20mX20m square from space (6 turns)
    And a LASER that can be used from space (6 turns) ALL SECRET!!!

    Swaziland asks for an audience with the leader of the Roman Republic...
  13. Country: Canada

    Population: 219million

    Land acquired: northern USA+Florida and California (-Alaska) attempting to buy Greenland for 2.3bln

    Strategy: stealth, surrounding the enemy, out-flanking armies and using terrain to our advantage

    Total Forces:
    23100 advanced Infantry
    7200 Special Forces
    70 Tanks
    75 Mach-3 Jets
    55 Submarines
    20 Destroyers
    Aircraft Carriers
    131 Helicopters
    130 AA guns
    0 Troop Transports
    0 Fleets
  14. Country:Roman Republic

    Set up a strong European front
    I defend Europe with my navy
    Battle groups formed to split up their navy.

    9k airforce
    1k pilots
    49k marines
    1k tankers
    6k navy
    20,000 special forces
    164 Abraham Tanks
    8 Missle cruisers
    140 F-35s
    1 carrier
    6 destroyers
    29 submarines
    30 tank destroyers
    30 Transport Helicopters
    40 Apache Helicopters
    10 stealth bombers
    10 Transport ships
  15. Country: The Templar Cartel

    Strategy: Get paid to destabilize China with drugs?

    1000 Troops
    800 Special Forces
    Broadsword Fleet
  16. Diplomacy

    Russia/Mongolia has agreed, under heavy pressure, to stay out of this war.

    China declares war on Japan/TIR. And says that any nation crossing into the pacific theater will have declared war. Any nation engaging talks with these nations be attacked. Break ties now.

    Ground forces

    1st Chinese army - (150K soldiers, 200 tanks, 100 helicopters.) Being transported to Europe the third transport fleet - 2T.

    Second Chinese army - (80K Soldiers, 100 tanks, 50 helicopters.) Being transported to Japan by the first transport fleet. - 1T

    Third Chinese army (80K Soldiers,25 artillery, 50 helicopters.) Being transported to TIR by the second transport fleet. - 1T

    Chinese expeditionary force - (50k Marines, 100 tanks, 35k Special Forces, 115 Helicopters.) Sent to The Asian low states. (Thailand, Vietnam(That type of area.) - 3T take over. Marching.

    Navy forces

    First naval fleet - 2 carriers (92 jets, 32 bombers) 15 destroyers.) - Sent to Japan. 1T

    Second naval fleet - 2 carriers (92 jets, 32 bombers) 15 destroyers.) - Sent to Canada. 2T

    Third naval fleet - 2 carriers (92 jets, 32 bombers) 15 destroyers.) - Sent to Europe. 3T

    Fourth naval fleet - 2 carriers(92 jets, 32 bombers) 15 destroyers.) - Sent to TIR. 1T

    1st Sub-pack 45 - Sent to block Japan. 1T
    2nd Sub-pack 45 - Sent to block TIR. 1T
    3rd Sub-pack 45 - Sent to the Canadian west coast. 2T
    4th Sub-pack 45 - Sent to Europe. 3T
    Fifth Sub-pack 45 - Sent to the UPAA. 2T

    1st transport fleet (6 Frigates 3 cruisers 10 TT) Taking the second army to Japan.

    Second transport fleet - (6 Frigates 3 cruisers 10 TT) - Taking the third Chinese army to TIR.

    Third transport fleet (6 Frigates 3 cruisers 10 TT) - Transporting the first Ca.

    Home Guard

    Army - (210k soldiers, 100 artillery, 100 helicopters, 50 jets, 12 bombers.) Assembled @ various places in China.

    Fleet - (4 carriers (100 jets, 32 20 bombers) 15 Littoral ships 15 destroyers 45 subs.) Guarding China.
  17. The First Lady of Istania requests to remain neutral in any and all wars current and future wars.
  18. After the Chinese post, with all that navy and army... It rocks to be African and landlocked!!!
  19. And Swaziland requests to remain neutral to all and to be kept alone so it can research its technologies in peace... If you want any drop me a message with which tech you want, ideally I want money... (Wooden planes, stunt/fighter planes, Air to Surface/Sea Deep Impact Missiles, Ballistic missiles, Flying Helipad (4 helicopters can fit, refueling station, increases efficiency of helicopters, can also be turned into a flying hospital), Fortified walls, Building: Robot Soldiers, Mech Suits, Fast Fighter Helicopters, New version of Tumblr ( :lol: )
  20. Country: The Templar Cartel

    We would like to announce the formation of Templar PMC. Our operations are currently limited to Brazil but we will expand and be ready for hire soon

    Brazilian Government sponsored recruitment in Brazil (Gm for numbers)

    We would like to thank the Brazilian government for recognizing our unique position(GM approved)

    Recruitment of youths in Brazil.Good money for dirty work (gm for numbers)

    Research: Rage 1T(Scientists are researching a new drug that makes its users far more aggressive)

    Assassins 3T

    IEDS done


    Military complex done

    Weapons factory (somewhere in the Amazon) 1T

    Shipyard in Sao Luis 2T

    Training camp outside of Sao Luis 3T

    Airstrip in the middle of the amazon 4TT

    1 tonne of coke done
    200 Bricks of Heroin 1T
    1 tonne of coke 4T

    1000 infantry
    800 Special forces
    -Broadsword fleet
    1 Aircraft carrier
    1 Battleship
    2 Destroyers
    2 Cruisers