World Leaders 3.0: HOTO

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  1. Sounds cool! :D
  2. Can I play?
  3. Would you like to be allied with the Noodle colony?
  4. Im in for the insects
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    For anyone else joining the FiS states(Narwhal?), I'd like to create a group chat in addition to the primary one used by all players. This would be used to discuss what our alliance would promise in terms of trade and protection, along with other details concerning the Federation.
  6. Can i play
  7. Not 100% sure if I understand this :lol:
  8. [title=#003366+dimgrey]N'ragmar[/title]

    Eoghan was born on Carn into one of the few nomadic tribes. Being separate from the protection of the main factions, his tribe has endured attacks from each, which have only served to give him years of fighting experience. Although young and untested, he holds great power and a vision to compliment it. Throughout his travels he has met a great deal of people, including a trusted friend.
  9. [title=#003366+dimgrey]Torquad[/title]
    A vicious pack of mutated potatoes that squeal a vicious warcry... "CHIPPPPPPPPO" echoing beyond the lands and terrifying the gods. Their power is unknown and their appearance unkept, little is known of their origins but they MUST be feared...

    (Mr potato head image here)
  10. Potato race confirmed?

  11. No potato race please, thats just cheesy lol. No pun intended :)
  12. Noodle race confirmed.
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  14. *This is my official intro post, a bit to read.

    Republic of Charvonia

    Family: VanderHills (Wind)
    (VanderHillian, VanderHillic)

    (Arch-Duke: Emeth*My character(@ Fheic)
    Arch-Duchess: Amber (@ Fheic)
    Allenden VanderHill - Son. – Fheic
    Flonquie, Gerald, J’vante – Siblings (All on Fheic)
    Kimberly Ross-VanderHill - Mother (@ Fheic, in-charge of flag guard team.)
    Branch heads: Aaron Burns, Gary Ross, Gwendolyn barker, Dobe dash, Royce Rosa. (Fheic)
    Warlords: Ricca, Royce, Enerath Dash, Monstol Dash
    Supreme commander of all military forces: Ted Donnham


    The RoC’s government is a variant of/resembles a constitutional monarchy; a system of governance where there is a federation of states, or planets, with a single monarch/arch as overall head of the federation, but actually retaining limited power/shared powers with two other branches, making three in total.

    Three branches: The Archship, the Charvonian Congress (HoR, Senate) and The Supreme Court Of the Republic of Charvonia.

    The Archship - Has sole control over the handling of foreign, national defense and military policy and can veto all laws, which can be overturned by 60% vote. Archs are answer able to the courts for war declarations and can break ties legislative votes. This branch of government is able to appoint members to the national cabinet. The Constitution provides that the Arch may make an appointment during a congressional recess without the Senate's advice and consent, but, not for the Justice department.

    Government split: Liberals (47%) Moderates (13%) Establishment (42%)

    Tradelanes: Sharizian pass, Norbam straight, Girila run.
    Population: 127.5 Billion
    Diversity: Upper (5%) middle (30%) lower (65%)
    Magic (34%) Elemental (13%) Energy (22%) Normal (31%)
    Divisions: Mining of metals and minerals, service industry, advanced science, construction, Aerospace.
  15. Let me show yall how this done, lol. Old school D&D player here

    I will enter the game as a meno (roaches) mercenary company. We contract our combat services to any who is willing to pay for them. We claim our band numbers around 10,000 (some say we inflate that number to charge more, that the actual number is around 7k). Our band is known simply as the horde in the galaxy and is famous for its participation in previous wars. Meno stand anywhere from 6-8 ft tall on average and our exoskeletons provide us with natural body armor, we are also typically stronger and much faster than other non insect races.

    But what were most famous for are our war mounts, we earned our fame by breeding and training some of the larger, less mentally evolved, more solitary occupants of insectopedia. We specialize in giant scorpion, tarantula, and centipede war mounts. These creatures are hard to train and take time to come into maturity so not everyone in our outfit rides one into battle, only captains and generals.
    I am skald, commander of the horde mercenary company, my mount is a 30 foot long red scorpion. My companies base is currently on the outskirts of insectopedia in a desolate section, as the government dosnt exactly approve of what we do, we stay out of the way.
    We are currently available for hire we also will train you your own mounts for a price. We especially like to trade them for weapons.
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  17. The Khanate is a shining oasis in the middle of barren desert. Is it not right to attempt to bring the wonders of this oasis to all who dwell in the desolation? We are not conquerors we are saviour. We bring war to give serenity. Those in the deserts live in the dark, we must bring the light even if they resist because of how blind it has made them. Some would dismantle the oasis. Envious of this paradise. We bring honour and glory for the Khanate!

    -Agus Xin 17th speaker of the Khan. Delivering a speech penned by the khan himself.
  18. It is very nice.
  19. [title=dimgrey+orange]The Imperial Kingdom of Praeliate[/title]

    Jaxson Lensane – Arch-Duke
    Amanda Nisis – Arch-Duchess
    Milike Lensane
    Bryson Lensane
    Jonathan Lensane
    Allison Lensane
    Sara Lensane

    Scandura, Jarosz, Cross, Vincula (technically)
    Heads: Mason Scandura, D'vante Jarosz, Tyler Cross

    Other Noteworthy People:
    Warlords: Kieran Ceniks, Ethan Vincula, Tenyan Rzen, Evie Eilif, Kectch Guin, Illaen Delusor, Gazelle Dvet
    Nobility: Vincula, Delusor, Eques, Verbum
    Grand General: Tarcil Eques
    Grand Admiral: Imrazor Eques


    The federal government of TIKOP is divided into three different parts: The Praeliate senate, which debates/proposes legislation, The Royal jury, the highest court in the land, which approves said laws and the executive branch, commonly referred to as the Archship, headed by the Lensane royal family.

    The senate is around sixty members, with twenty-five elected from the middle class, and twenty-five from the nobility. The other members are all eligible people of the Lensane family (As of right now, this number would be eight, Jaxson, Milike, Armen, Alyssa, Bryson, Jonathan, Allison, and Sara) The Arch has the possible tie-breaker vote, and the power to immediately veto an act, however, the act can be voted upon if sixty percent of the senate wishes to do so. Before an act can be voted upon, it must first be deemed fair and Novane by the Royal Jury, which is made up of thirteen prestigious judges. Eight judges are required to have it passed.

    Planetary/Moon Government:

    A council of thirty-one members, fifteen middle class and fifteen lower nobility, with the remaining one being the Marquess/Marquis or Duke/Duchess of the planet, having similar power to the arch for his/her planet.

    District Government:

    A council of eleven members, six middle class and six lower nobility, with the remaining one being the Count/Countess of the district, having similar power to the arch for his/her district.

    Government split: Liberal (27%) Moderate (14%) Establishment (59%)

    Tradelanes: Sharizian pass, Norbam straight, Girila run and many other inter-galactic lanes.
    Population: 94 Billion 18B aliens = 112B
    Diversity: Upper (7%) middle (38%) lower (55%)
    Magic (16%) Elemental (20%) Energy (30%) Normal (34%)

    Economy: Mining of metals, metalworking/blacksmithing, tourism, fur trapping/hunting, logging/carpentry.

    Exports: Metals, Ewhyx, Treyrhil, Fraitium, Fur, Wood, Furniture, Jewelry, Unique Wildlife,
    Imports: Tea, Coffee, Spices, Silk, Ice

    Companies: Vicen Pelts Co., Azerk Corporation (Lensane Owned).

    Jaxson Connor Lensnae is the second son of Armen, and twin brother of Milike. He's always been very hawkish in nature, but is always ready to take on a new challenge. And as the newly anointed Arch, he'll need to be