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Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Mark, Jan 26, 2017.

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  1. This was already addressed. They don't want to raise the speaker cap, because they don't want people take announcements for free. They don't want to raise the cost of announcements, because that wouldn't be fair to the people.eho use them to have to pay more.

    Also, and this is just my take, but having a lower cap encourages you to use your speakers more often, instead of hoarding them.
  2. Can one sustain a conversation with just 25speakers?

    I'll do testing later.

    Also in regards to announcements and this raising of speaker limit talk, I think we should take this one step at a time.

    This is a success for us as a KaWmunity.

    So I say slow and steady.
  3. Ty guys. I can finally rant more and not have to be silence for days on end to rant for one day
  4. Completely hate Kool Aids idea because it removes all ability for quick witted responses that need to be fast to be funny and that's all I have in life.

    On the other hand, you mark, you are a god and I love this(preferably with a max speaker limit bumped to 30 so I don't have OCD panic attacks about uneven regens)
  5. You can put a cap of two or three messages and then have diminishing returns. That's a system most mmos have in open channels.
  6. Upping regen from 5-10 a day will boost chat but unless a player has money like LB players they're capped at 25. How does that help?
  7. Besides the speakers from pro packs I don't think many LB players prioritize nobs for speakers. We are pretty much all on the same playing field in that regard, besides those meddling mods
  8. Amazing! Thank you, developers!
  9. Why don't pc players get any speakers regen? Shouldn't they be allowed to talk without paying as well.
  10. Loving the idea of more speakers every day :)
  11. Thanks mark, I can now call out my buddies in AOE
  12. One request at a time buddy. 5 speakers/day has been an aspect of the game from the beginning and for them to change it now is huge. I would see how this experiment turns out and then we can start making more suggestions
  13. Thankyou ata. instead of moaning why not put them to use and speak in world chat so they stay. And then they can look in to making move improvements. Like raising the max/changing the WA. After all
  15. What I'd prefer would be unlimited wc until either spam or bypass then current system of 5 per day repeat the indiscretion and silenced from WC for 1 month and backs to 5 per day for 12 months of you are a repeat offender in this time you are perm silenced
  16. huge supp there devs i cant hvae good convos or anything in wv with the little we normally get

  17. Yet I've never gotten a single speaker for free and have been playing... And I'm not pc
  18. Are you primarily on pc?

    Mobile players are the only ones that regen speakers.
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