Wolf Culls

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  1. Recently in a northern U.S. state, bison were brought into a National Park to bolster a declining bison population.

    Upon the resurgence of these herds, wolves were reintroduced into the same region to maintain a natural eco control on the herds.

    The issue arose when local cattle farmers had herd members graze on these public lands. Wolves don't disseminate on hunting. Cattle or bison, the feed to survive on them.

    Aerial and ground culls were introduced due to cattle killings.

    Should the wolves be culled or the cattle owners be responsible to secure and maintain their own herds on their own privately fenced acreages?
  2. The cattle owners should be able to kill the wolves
  3. Tell me how u gonna fence all that land
  4. In all seriousness. I believe all cattle should wear shock collars and the land they roam should be surrounded by a laser fence.
  5. I love baby cubs 
  6. Give them flowers ️
  7. Tell the cattle not to post useless threads
  8. Turn all cows into hamburgers. And get the wolves for their pelts.
    Sounds like the best plan of action.
  9. I have family in Montana that own a large ranch, which was getting attacked by wolves. They killed one wolf, and turns out it had a tracker and was being tracked as part of research. They had to take it into fish and game so they could cut it open and prove it had eaten their livestock.

    May be the wrong state, but this topic made me think of that.
  10. I like the shock collar idea. However I'm afraid cows aren't as smart as dogs. A cow would seriously shock itself to death.

    I also like the hamburger idea. That being said, let the cows shock collar themselves to death and then turn them into hamburgers.
  11. Humans should be responsible for protecting their investment. Wolves are doing what they do. If they're given an easy meal they'll take it.

    We already almost hunted them to extinction here once. How about we learn from our mistakes and co-exist for mutual benefit like we did for thousands of years.
  12. Fencing in the land is not economical. Wolves do what wolves do, I just think ranchers should be able to shoot/trap them if they are present on their land though
  13. Australians tend to fence everything off, works well for the environment and the farmers there, a bullet may b cheaper than a fence post but once the fence is up you've more permanent security & more efficient animal, pest control and livestock management, its about working smarter for the future not harder for the moment.
  14. I know this is kinda related to the standoff last month and grazing on federal land. This is a divisive issue. I don't really know enough to have an opinion, but I just feel bad for the wildlife that's falling victim to our civilization.