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  1. I agree with grope the name is asking for attention
  2. Again, sorry for being human, I'll just be more robotic and emotionless like you next time
  3. It's funny how when I go on forums, people just jump at the opportunity to correct me, be rude to me, and insult me. It's not like I ever did anything to anyone. Correct me if I'm wrong
  4. Oh zuo relax sweetie! IGCB is a very colorful character, you just have to handle him with flair...  he doesn't mean it tho, he's such a good guy really!

    I agree, that wall post is a bit overboard, but it was an apology so all good! Hehe  you guys should surrender I hear it's not going well I'm sorry  kudos for fighting tho! 
  5. Igcb groped my S shield and cape one time. I feel....violated 

    Did someone say....steak? Mmm 
  6. Support Wog 

    Go Wrath_of_God
  7. Wow, IGCB, you on your period? You're not normally this quick to anger.
  8. Well mr. Gps. A period is not something to joke about! It is a bloody important part of grammar. 
  9. Seriously ppl get offended so easily if words hurt you that bad maybe you should stick to angry birds...
  10. It's IGCB's time of the month again. :lol:
  11. Noob :roll:
  12. Why doesn't this thread surprise me? 
  13. Not going well for them that's an under statement 
  14. This thread reeks of desperation, dota just give up, you guys are making fools of yourselves by prolonging this.
  15. Nice work wog , they getting desperate now it seems
  16. WoG - keep doing what you do - pound them into the pixelated ground.

  17. Who knew Jesus was so funny?
  18. His funny? You sir have no sense of humour.
  19. Op.. It's clear you want to be seen as a sexy object, so when people treat you like one, shut up and enjoy.
    I say it's clear you want to be seen as a sexy object because your name for one, and you act on the fact your a female. Shh..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.