Winter War Tournament

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  1. Disappointed. Another war event Full of moles añd alts.
  2. Excuse me, Winston! I have a question!

    May I know exactly how long the given Shattered sword is gonna be for players who fail to conform to this particular rule?
  3. How do we know if we are top 20k if the indication cuts of at 10k?
  4. Rules are meant to be broken I know many peeps who casted alts in ASW. This will be another pathetic event. And peeps who actually love to war will bark here mid event crying for moles and dumb build leaking akos. Just wait and watch.
  5. Likely 1 month

  6. Unless this applies to both the alt and the main acct its pointless. Who cares if there osf cant war for a month?
  7. Need answer to this pls
  8. How do I sign up for it?
  9. Great question. When do signups start?
  10. Current war schedule does not reflect this upcoming event? Just wondering and if you have to ask how long a sword you will get it’s obvious they looking to use alts anyway and just want to know how long they’ll be punished lol sad but true if caught using alts maybe no rewards for any acct would be better just a thought glad to see some effort put into wars finally know if they’ll only cap charms game can get back to normal ty Winston

  11. Oh no guy shy won't be able to war lol
  12. So??
  13. I wanna try but my last stat drop may have just prevented that ._.oh well
  14. Why havent times of the wars been listed yet?
  15. Times have now been updated.
  16. Thanks :)
  17. Time to reveal rewards. Don't wanna waste time for few SB.
  18. I do not understand how to sign up you cast WOC on the 13th for winter wars but you also have indi wars for the 13th seperate from the winter event? So how will it cast us for the winter war?
  19. Good question!

    Also some promotion for the event wouldnt be bad. Not all players visit forums often. Like a popup when you start kaw with latest info to that tournament. I almost missed start .
  20. Is the normal war scheduled going to still be in place? People will need to know so they can plan accordingly to keep ee. I can't commit to midday all weekend for this, but need to refresh my ee. Please let us know if normal wars will still be taking place. I'd hate to cast for first war just to refresh and go mostly mia rest of wars.