Winter War Tournament

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  1. Nerf charms. Until then everything devs do is garbage and an attempt to distract from a major flaw in the game.
  2. Right before finals week actually not bad timing
  3. Sign up will be indi, and then players would have to remain in the same clan for the duration of the tournament. There will be one clan that wins much like ASW. Currently there are no CS requirements, but I may still consider adding a certain ranking system.
  5. Ignore this wannabe. Thanks devs for keep trying to make the game more interested. Any new update in wars are deeply appreciated
  6. Maybe top 700 ally lb rank??
  7. No I’m only mp
  8. Musang If you are only MP with that build then u just gonna leak and ruin war for others. And will depend on others to carry you. I'll suggest top 700 ally rank is the perfect. Make that limit a bit more stringent I'll say.

  9. Yay, lets ruin it for 85% of the people who play.
  10. Never saw you warring. I am afraid of accounts like you and small alts who can ruin this war event. Since its K&A wars I think ally rank should be considered because that's the only way to stop alts and dumb builds. Well this is just my point of view.
  11. Maybe, even though i fit into those requirements i suggest maybe top 1k as we are trying to get 400 people to sign up, i believe that only around 10-20% of the top 200 on ally lb war. There is no way to prove that 400 out of 700 people will sign up but it could be unlikely. Prevention is better than cure, also maybe a cs requirement as well.
  12. Might as well just say top 2000. Still limits the alts, but allows for enough people to cast that 400 will be able to.

  13. I dont think that will help tbh.

    1. Many of the high alb - Players DO have alts with high BfA, too.

    2. BfA nowadays doesnt make a big difference with the size of basic cs. All below alb 200 isnt so much of a thing even if bfe and charms dont count. If an acc is bc or nearly bc the BfA gained by all below alb 200 dont make a big difference (ally lb 200 is about 12-15b cs atm).

    3. it would be a shame to let all the smaller accs not participate in such a cool event. That cannot be good for the kawmunity. There must be a better way to regulate.
  14. I know plenty of experienced fighters that don't fit into that "700" or even "2000" ranking.

    War takes into account builds off all sizes, why should someone not be allowed to war because they aren't an eb fairy noob?
  15. Great news

    War tourneys will help those of us who miss them
  16. 16 teams would mean 4 rounds of wars
  17. I dont, KA wars are for the real experienced fighters, thats how it used to be but it fell out and here we are. there are many drop builds with tons of charms in the bottom bracket to make it easy for them. There are also a few droo builds with big bfa and i guess they alright but will 100% be used as suicide bars on tops due to no dts/dtw.

  18. My alt is in top 1500. 2k is way too much. Many lbs have alts or banks in top 2000. If devs really want a event free from moles and dumb builds they should allow only top 700 ally lb. Irrespective of 400 sign-up or not. Quality of wars matter and not numbers of players who signup. Top 10k were allowed for Asw = And around 500 peeps warred/signed up. Even if 200 out of top 700 sign up for these wars it's sufficient for a successful event. Since this event gonna give equipment and rewards I am sure signup will be more than 200. Go for quality wars that's what I wanna say.

  19. I am not saying it will be 100% moles free event. But we can make it atleast 80-90% moles free?? If there won't be any restrictions many peeps now a days have 100+ alts, those 400 slots will fill up but what's the point? Wars will be pathetic, roster full with moles and eb fairies with no adt sdt. No wars are better than such wars
  20. Shyboy. Sigh. Where do I begin.

    For the last few ASW, matchups have been top 10K. Even with it being open to such a large number, we have only seen 500-650 players participate in the ASW.
    That's 500-650 from 10K possible. Do the math.

    So, looking at this track record, how do you expect 200-400 to sign up from 700 players?

    How did you come up with top 700ally LB? Why not 750? 900? What's the logic behind 700, how is ally LB 701 lesser than 700?

    I'm going to sign up now thanks to you. :lol: