Winter War Tournament

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  1. Wat about peeps who are top 400 ally lb but not ranked on overall leaderboard. If you are going for k & ally tournament I think you should consider ally ranking and not overall ranking. Overall ranking is full of eb fairies who won't war. I hope by top 400 u referred to ally lb.
  2. Nice, we’ll see you there 
  3. Where’d you get top 400 from? Lol. First 400 to join. Not top only.
  4. Oops my bad. Read wrong
  5. Thrawn, I think he/she means studying takes his/her time up, if studies lol XD
  6. Literally anyone can cast, just gotta be in the first wave. No restrictions like ASW.

    Better during finals than holidays though IMO. 2h wars I feel could be taptapped during study hours I feel, but I've never been very good at studying :s
  7. Who has finals that late into December? I feel for them..
  8. Perfect, just please be prepared to extend it too 16 teams, this isn't as and is available to 3x more total active participants.
  9. Llw is obsolete, eliminates them, is all ffa alts wars
  10. It just means you'll be signed up as a clan, as opposed to having to individually sign up.
  11. There will be 8 clans with 50 players max, so a total of 400 people can join. They would be signed up as first-come-first-served.
  12. Noted! If we did 16 teams there would likely be 2 wars on the same day.
  13. Thanks winston you should have been hired years ago this game would probably be in better shape than it is now keep up the good work
  14. Do we have to create our own clans? Or do we do an indi sign up. Are there any cs requirements? Because we may have a bunch of new players sign up. Will there be one winner at the end? Is it like asw where you stay in one clan? Or do you sign up and be put with different players and your overall wins get you rewards?
  15. Can you please fix the few war's that we have not got given tokens for event ty ATA
  16. I reported it and they said they will compensate over the next few days.
  17. Oooh nice
  18. ^^^