Willy's Couch: Interview With iProphet

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  1. Im actually so glad you brought this up. Because this is the history of prophet that mamy would like you to believe. That proph was just some all talk forum warrior who did nothing in kaw.

    Like when everyone said i was crazy and yada yada when i called out players for cheating. Only for months later them to get busted?

    Like when everyone said i was crazy and yada yada for all the times ive called out ATA. News flash, recheck those threads, all the stuff i say has come to pass.

    Like when everyone says i was crazy and yada yada when i called out a player for buying an account and they pretend like they didnt when the account had links all over KaW?

    Like when everyone said i was crazy and yada when I fooled Yafi into stripping Cratnas thinking was my account.

    So lets talk about this some. Lets demyth the myths of iProphet. Where ya wanna start domo
  2. Please, honey. I'm more mouthy than he is. Stop talking about things you don't know anything about.

    Like that war, for starters.
  3. No domo..

    For those who dont recall Doc from his active days, he was 46 council and one of the best warriors kaw had.

    Not some late comer. Sorry mate.

    Demythed! Next?
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  4. Lol. If you think I have a mouth.

    Jayde go easy on him. Hes just a boy!

    And yes hahaha now that you mention the barcode thing I totally remember that. Too funny
  5. Doc!! ♡

    I totally forgot about that lol

    They did, a bunch of them changed to barcode and ran. But we had owner/ally links and found them. Hence the system war.
  6. Where'd that get you? Pull them up....just more dribble dribble I'm prophet and I'm great talking about myself yada yada blah blah.....(enter jayde) "proph is right blah blah yada yada "

    Give me a break
  7. Btw Hey Doc. Lub you long time bro
  8. Can't change history, homie. He's right because #facts.
  9. History you make up. Simple
  10. Be the bigger couple and admit your lies.
  11. See, we're giving actual facts about what happened. You are giving nothing but, "you're liars!" Which part are you denying? Changing to barcode and running? Losing badly? Talking dirty in WC, getting silenced, and throwing a tantrum?

    Stomp your foot a little harder, Domo. That'll change history.
  12. IllIIlll



    My spelling sucks. My apologies if I misspelled a name. Lol
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  13. LOL. Like real LOL haha
  14. I'm jk. This was years ago now. Doesn't matter anymore. Hardly worth getting upset about. Enjoy
  15. Doc always was the wisest of our group.
  16. Nobody changed to barcodes and ran. Hq changed barcode to farm you after.....for cheating. You didn't strip anyone in HV. Actually you were having a hard time finding a open yet we were finding plenty. System wars were new at the time and sounded like a good idea...until you cheated. Those are the facts.

    Your lies would be we were silenced ....yes but the devs reversed them.....because they were wrong Think mine lasted less then 2hrs. So the wc posts weren't that bad.

    Once again you didn't strip HV. You couldn't we didn't sleep that's why when YOU offered cf terms we said pound sand. It wasn't about being stubborn.
    It was short because you tricked us into a system war and went back on your word.
  17. Only after a short time back in kaw and already I see so many still lieing about iprophet, it's always been the same way if you can't win against iprophet in battle or osw, the next best thing is to cry about him in forums.

  18. Just saying, pwars were already dead when all this went down. Not right after system war came about. Ebs had just began. lol Your head needs checked mate.
  19. System war was shortly after Said so in op. Check your head
  20. now I see why silly Willy revived this thread. Can u do something contemporary though? Not has-beens arguing whose balls dropped first.. or who dropped the ball.. whatever