Will the UK stay in the EU?

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  1. England are in control of their own destiny once again, and history dictates that they will not fail and they will prosper, it's the e.u.superstate that now shakes on the edge of uncertainty and fear and the seed of illusion that has been the e.u. for years is dying.

  2. Gets my vote
  3. To see the full effect you will have to wait for us to be truly out.
    The next two years will reveal what extent the damage is. Not just the next few months.
    Despite the unsettled markets and announced job losses, the real impact hasn't even started yet and won't until we formally leave and the new trade deals have been negotiated.

    If we remain constrained by the EU rules due to new trade deals. There will truly have been no point coming out.

    Time to let the dust settle and see over the next 5-10 years what the true impact is.

    If we are better off it may be worth the short term pain.

    If not, that feeling better at the expense of potentially millions of jobs and families lives ruined will be a heavy price to pay.

    If the UK breaks up and Ireland is back in turmoil then it truly was not worth the cost.
    Hopefully sense will prevail and soft border controls ( airports and ports ) will be implemented and free movement allowed within both regions.
  4. This comment alone, 1st old people will know what it's like to live without the EU not some person who's only known a world where they are part of the EU, also it's a country of democracy, what do you think that means, are you saying that old people shouldn't get the vote because you didn't like the turnout?

    2nd half of our general are out right idiots I wouldn't even trust one to even put a wrapper in the bin, I certainly don't trust them to vote.

    But anyways I'd rather live with a few years with a little struggle and get a better country other than getting screwed by the EU constantly, no one knows what's really going to happen half of it you can out right clear off as scare tactics for leaving.
  5. How do YOU see the future? Are you going to manage to keep the financial sector intact? If Yes, how? Are you going to have a trade agreement with EU or not? If YES, do you think UK will be needed to pay for EU budget or not? UK will be needed to accept free movement or not?
    If you won't have a trade agreement are you going to keep thr financial sector or not? If you won't have the trade agreement what incentives you think can be offered by UK for i.e. a car manufacturer in order to open a factory in UK?
  6. Please go and do it quickly. Since 1975 the UK straddled both sides of the EC/EU fence - somewhat in, somewhat out. Even the politicians who supposedly supported the Union never failed to express that they'd rather not bother with it.So finally time to take responsibility for all the talk and act.
    The 3000 jobs will move because the UK will lose its financial passporting status so no financial clearing houses for EU capital in London. The jobs don't matter so much it's the trillions of $ of investment going to Frankfurt, New York and Paris that should worry you.
    Why in the world should other EU countries rush to help the UK, the snobby kid who always pointed out in its Eaton's accent how tiresome it was to be hanging out with the underclass, get jobs and finance in order? Why not welcome those jobs elsewhere especially during a recession?
    That without considering the huge amounts of reserves the Bank of England will burn supporting it's currency.

    So now no more excuses - GB can trace its shining path into freedom. And it has received the endorsement of some giants of democracy like Trump, Ms. LePen and Putin i'm sure that Sir Winston Churchill would be so proud.
  7. I don't care about Winston Churchill or what he would think. Remember that while he led us in WW2 he betrayed our Union not once but twice by trying to give Northern Ireland to the south or by implementing home rule. He is a traitor to those people.
  8. What happened to the great British
    Losing with respect
    The stiff upper lip and all that old boy
    All I see if cry baby's
    Here a song for you dry your eyes
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  9. For once I actually agree with Wid.. Though probably a bit more tactfully lol
  10. You do know that petition was started a month ago by a LEAVE campaigner right?
  11. I just look that up no info
    On line

  12. A Leave campaigner who was worried Remain would win has admitted he set up the hugely popular petition to re-run the EU referendum - which has garnered more than three million signatures.

    William Oliver Healey, an English Democrat activist, set up the petition in May. It asks for the EU referendum to be re-run if the remain or leave vote is less than 60%, based a turnout of less than 75%.

    Writing on Facebook, he admitted he was the creator of the petition, but said: “Due to the result, the petition has been hijacked by the Remain campaign.”


    “I am genuinely appalled by the behaviour of some of the Remain campaign, how they are conducting themselves post-referendum not just with this petition but generally. The referendum was fairly funded; democratically endorsed, every vote was weighted equally and I believe this was a true reflection of the mood of the country,” he said.

    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 04076.html

    Also should I remind you that your idol Nigel Farrage was the one who said that a 52%-48% result would require a second referendum? Same guy who know is saying is not the best of three? One-two months ago was all for the best of three, why not anymore?
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  14. Second EU
    Referendum petition
    Investigated for fraud
    BBC news.
  15. You're confused. I'm being sarcastic. My preferred option here would be for your parliament to repeal the 1972 EC enablinmg act - you guys could be done with the evil overlords in Brussels in 48 hours and free us of your incessant whining.
    Then we could decide whether to negotiate access to the common market with you or not. As I said good luck.
    In terms of reuniting island after centuries of british occupation, English mationalists in 12 hours did more that The IRA and SF could in 40 years. And of course there is the question of Scotland. Good job guys.
  16. I am interested to read everyones opinions here . Being scottish and quite frankly worried about the talk of another independence referendum it will be interesting to see how everything turns out in the end . But in my opinion in or out independent or not times are gonna be hard in the few years to come .
  17. Not true, there's all this talk of a United ireland now but that's all it will be, talk. Northern Irish unionists are more supportive of that union that the rest of the UK combined. They have shown time and time again that they will fight and die to protect what they believe to be their birth right. They will see Dublin burned to the ground before they ever accept a united Ireland.
  18. Finding the answer took decades. Now all in vain... To keep the status quo the irish unionists might be needed to pay with their blood. A neglectable price, no?
  19. Brexit is the smartest power move I've seen from a potential world power make in decades. Good move.
  20. The UN had them enslaved