Why should players not be allowed to war on PC?

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  1. As someone who once rostered clans and had their part in setting up clan wars; especially that of ps1, I can honestly say computer usage in war has killed warring.

    The need for faster rosters due to being a ps1 or fearing if ps1 has shaped the face of warring.
    Fundamental tactics for hybrid against ps1 is purely in favor of hybrids. But the tactics available to ps1 is much greater than that of hybrids.

    This being said, the ability of a hybrid wc is much lesser than the ability of the ps1 wc.

    My belief is that ps1 should be used reactively. This is why.
    The flow of the war starts off with user connection, device, and finger speed.
    This part is up to the warriors ability coinciding with what the wc asks for. Once again, this leaves more options to the ps1 wc.

    The middle of the ps1 hybrid match up then becomes a speed test. Who wins out? The hybrids running an attack train on a synced ps1 roster who regen within 20 seconds of each other. This yet again is a test of connection, device and finger speed.

    The end of the war is decided on 3 factors.
    Did the hybrids plunder enough, how have the ps1 maintained spy bars, and what the hybrids have done throughout the war.
    Normally xtals by ps1 occur after 10 minutes mark. The steal down has already occurred.

    Yet again a speed test comes into effect.

    This is the essence of ps1 against hybrids. Speed.

    Ps1 rostering killed ee and lowland wars. It is something I have realized for some time and I do regret for taking my part in that.

    At a fundamental tactical level I said hybrids have the edge. Why?
    Because it’s flat out true.
    A full bar for a build with 1tl and 23sos is 9 attack’s with 0 incoming on a hybrid or tank.
    A full bar attacks by a hybrid on a ps1 is 23 attacks.
    A speed tie occurs at 6 attacks. 6 leaked attacks is 6 attacks outgoing.
    6 times 15 is 90 attacks. 90 attacks on start.
    That’s terrible as a ps1 roster into any hybrid roster. It’s too many leaks.
    The respective ps1 tactic is 3 steals each. 45 steals to 90 attacks. This leaves a good score line for both clans.(this is assuming no fails)

    At this point the score looks something like 500m to 350m in favor of hybrids.
    Let’s assume the hybrids did a mirror dump.
    15v15 again. Ps1 roster synced. 10-11 regens are going to happen throughout the war before xtal. Assuming an average leak of 8. 8 leaks per update. With 0 steals outgoing.
    By the 19th minute the war in a perfect speed tie it would be ~150 attacks to 45 steals. Score is roughly 700m to 350m. This is the point where ps1 can start doing something.
    Since we are staying in an ideal situation 3bsteals by all will occur, then 2 next regen and the following all should be at 20%. Ideal situation it is now 900m to 700m in favor of hybrid.

    Xtal occurs. There is a delay in the ps1 loading up their targets. Let’s assume 7 attacks go through. 7x15 is 105 leaks.

    Ps1 xtal and dive, leak 7attacks. And dive steals as the hybrid dump spies on them. A fb steals is about 16 steals. Let’s assume 7 get through as well because of spy dump and sdt. 105 steals to 105 attacks.
    Steals pay more. They simply do. But wait, ps1 are diving spies and are tz. Koes will pay out to hybrids.

    The score will end up higher than we are used to now a days. Close to 1.7b to 1.5b still in favor of hybrids.

    A speed tie is in favor of hybrids without wc skill coming into effect. It’s plain and simple...

    Pc has killed Wars. It’s the sad truth. But there is no way of saving wars in the current state of the game.
  2. "2-3 seconds" 
  3. You're committing a logical fallacy. Just because two circumstances correlate does not mean that one is the cause of the other. It's comfortable to assume, but it's just wrong.

    You accuse me of personal attacking then insult my intellect. Very clever. The english language has a word for that you know? Its called something something hypocrite something something.

    As far as inferiority on knowledge, i havent seen you say anything of value to the topic. And no, english isnt my first language either. Not an excuse.
  4. Some of comments in this thread totally back up that actually people have got this unrealistic idea about PC warring being a norm

    On a device anyone can war anywhere at any time

    PC is restricted for huge majority of players and so therefore instantly pool of participation down

    Also add in the huge upgrades from latest lands , no one wants to bank in bars 4 times a day

    Outta interest why is there such resistance to everyone warring on device? same lag, same speeds - everyone equal? Surely sounds fair
  5. Firstly, pc players can no longer war.
    Secondly, will increase the gap between cheaters and legit players alot
    Thirdly, as i think was mentioned before, pc isnt all advantages, has certain disadvantages too.
    PC warring was the norm. It would still flourish if developers didnt kill wars off by no updates, removing war eq, etc.
  6. I'm just a simple man. But it looks that using Vaseline to glue my fingers to the space bars isn't helping. My girlfriend will be pleased by that because I made a horrible mess. Thanks guys n gals

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  8. Just read through this thread, and it seems that warring is still alive and well ... it's just in Forums! 
  9. Ded rn. Val didn't invent gh or sh exploit. He just used it to his advantage with barcode roster that nobody could track. In addition to having worm alts in every ee clan and knowing how to set roster for ideal matchups.
  10. Wait so, Is Warring on pc or mobile faster?
  11. Yes pc is faster. iPhones have a delay.
  12. The funny thing is that it wouldn't be hard to write a script for rooted Android devices.

    Just annoying because of Android versions which means more compatibility issues which means more effort if you want to share the program or make money off of it.
    No Black hat is gonna put that much effort into something for no cash :lol:

    I can also feel the mobile peasants butthurting about PC being plain and simple faster.

  13. I always using device for war because its on the go.. i war everywhere, pc if im home ,as a long time warrior since estoc edge trials,, i can say the problems why people stop warring because the baddass equipments are gone, no new banners, very lack of rewards, lack of aquas/infernos, useless mithrills, top10 pets rewards should higher stats than the normal pets, while ebs paying more, equipments, rewards, aqua inferno, xtals and so on, these are the reason too why some good warriors became eb fairies, no season 7, so many good warriors left wars and retired. Enough said, even im not good in english i hope u understand my point. LOL
  14. Imo devs won't touch PC, they just don't support all the updates that we get on mobile devices because they can barley get that right.

    Warring on PC should be rewarded and some people who really care about how they preform in war should have the option to war on PC, devs won't take that option away imo.
  15. I used to war on either but now I hardly bother as the majority of wars are won & lost at matchup due to reward/charm stacked accounts, win or lose this is so boring. At least this is my experience in the bracket I fall into.So the debate on speed is irrelevant to me however there are some very valid point made.
  16. Am I missing something? Just nerf pc. Surely no one playing uses the pc version legitimately.
  17. Lol