why Mithril Wars WON'T work-

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  1. so if the the losing clan wants to be a big baby about it, they can ff and deny you the mith? what is the reasoning behind that?
  2. i just said you cannot, if you forfeit you still gain the mithril you would of earned anyway, but it doesnt work like old system where you gain both sides mithril if you win, that applies to winning and forfeitting

    im basically saying, you cant forfeit mithril to an OSF, they only get the amount of mithril tneyd gain normally if it was a regular war, you wont gain the mithril everyone on the other team would of gained had the won
  3. yeah....so they are denying you a portion of the mith by ff.

    or wait. you don't gain their portion of the mith under ANY circumstances?
  4. NO.
    i just explained the wouldnt get it even if they won normally... im trying to explain that they tottaly revamped the war system
  5. i edited it before you replied to reflect my lack of understanding of your previous comments. you must have missed it.
  6. ill try and clarify. if you win a war from forfeit, youd make the same amount of mithril as if you won it from Winning
  7. why would anyone want mitril ?-- you take all the time to do a war and get a temp attack bonus, id rather have the coin and build my character personally. Saying that if mithril could help a character on a long term basis some how I can see it working, Perhaps Mitril could buy magical weapons or something that help with your plunder bonus increase, Reduce your regen times things like that. Game is slow enough as it stands and this update slowed it down even more in my opinion.

  8. there has already been a thread or two discussing how mwars could theoretically be done. i am sure someone has tested the theory already, i don't know the results. i really don't care either. mithril payout is too low to be a valid incentive for war, regardless.

    edit - and THAT is why mithil wars won't work.
  9. Ok, to clarify, and I do hope I'm not repeating my fellow moderator so you understand:
    The Mithril War system has changed the payout mechanics of the prievious Gold War System.
    As stated, the payout has changed from gold to mithril, but this is not the only change.
    The payout mechanics have changed from whatever percentage of gold you earned for your team paying that same percentage of the tax pile taken over the course of the war to...
    Payout being based on gold earned, build(possibly), successful actions, difference in prestige, clan prestige(possibly), tax earned overall.

    What this means as far as tax earned overall is that the tax money is converted to some equivilent amount of mithril multiplier as a means of rewarding those who hold 'real' wars over 'pwars'.

    To answer the forfeit question, you gain the tax pot converted into mithril and split based on how much you contributed and so on modifier, but it will not be as big as if the war had gone the full duration. What J3lackJ3ird was trying to get accross was that someone could not do a forfeit pwar and the OSF take all of the mithril, since the mithril payout is heavily based on build and activity, and that last variable just acts as a multiplier of sorts, and not just a direct transfer. Basically, if the OSF is active, if a forfeit happens, the OSF would get the same mithril as if he was on the hitters side.

    I hope this clears things up.
  10. thank you corinthian. that is not how i understood the previous explanation at all. i think i get it now.
  11. BlackBird. U stated earlier that plunder awards are based on relative prestige, actions performed, build type , plunder earned etc.

    But that fails to explain the remarkably dvergent payout rates from the true Spartans war with 46 n 2 vs the junior all star. Junior all star was 1000p vs 1000p. Ts v 46 was 1500 v 1550 I believe? Both wars were well contested, so clan strength was comparable in each war. Total actions were 24k for jr war, 46k for ts war (24 vs 48 hour).

    But the payouts were bizarre. In true Spartans war 600b total plunder 376 mithril awarded, a rate of .626 mithril per billion or mpb. In jr war plunder was 186b yet 163m awarded...a .87 mpb!!! A 39 percent greater payout.

    As the true Spartans war was longer. Had double the actions (and nearly equal actions per hour) had clans of high prestige with the lower ranked clan winning. How can you account for this unless the devs have also placed a limiting factor on mithril rewards, a system of diminishing returns as u scale up?

    If you can explain this, please do
  12. [colour=blue] I LIKE WAFFLES [/colour]
  13. Lmao... Have you heard of twin wars?

    Clan A has two OSF and two OAF plus 98 guests
    Clan B has two OSF and two OAF and 98 guests

    1st war: Clan A forfeits, so clan B gets Mithril
    2nd war: Clan B forfeits, so clan A gets Mithril

    So those coming for PWar gets rotated out, they get zero Mithril, but they get gold from open OAF and OSF, great for growth.

    Clan perm members who stay till the end receive Mithrils and the gold they took from the othersides OSF/OAF
  14. I think the system works on contributions like eb. So filling the clan with outside hitters for tax to convert into mithril then boot them for own clannies to keep tax/mithril is pointless. The only point for mw is to give clannies easy mithril at the osf expense.
  15. Was supposed to add that eb now pays more than hitting osf in war and is only at the osf expense.
  16. To 3nnui, Let me try to answer your query. In your calculation, you should not use the combined plunder but only the plunder of winning clan. The reason is by doing this, we will not allow 'transfer' of mithrils. Thus in the true Spartans war, the payout is 376m for 312b, giving 1.20mpb while the jr all stars is 163m for 100b, giving 1.63mpb. In this, you will see payout is better for higher prestige clan.

  17. Sorry, payout is still better for junior all stars. my error. Haha...
  18. Actually dusk I am pretty sure that total plunder from 2 sided war is used to determine total mithral payout to winning side. I have run the numbers from 10 diff wars and the mithral payouts suppost this assertion.

    I am still hoping that blackbird will answer my earlier question about the payout disparity between the junior all star war and the war between ts n 46.

    The only reason I can confirm is that there is a diminishing return system in place when converting gold to mithril for distribution. This is a very important question when looking to produce mithril.
  19. Yes, I agreed that total plunder should be used for the calculation of mithrils payout. But if that is the case, how the system prevent a arranged mithril war. On the other hand, how the system prevent losing clan walking out of a real war, taking away plunder with them and depriving winning clan from their deserved Mithril payout.