why Mithril Wars WON'T work-

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  1. Wtf what happened to my post.
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  3. You know the easiest way to earn some!! Go and real war already

    Pick a clan you want to have either a friendly/training war with - no stripping or outside hits normally an allied clan is good for this
    Or pick a fight with a clan who has bugged you in some way - either they hit your osf or one of their members called your member a name heck even just pick the fight cause you hate the name of their clan!! and if they won't accept the war start farming them till they do

    Make sure your clan members have at least 5k of every defense potion, lots of good stat allies (they help defend and attack) and plenty of attack potions (I tend to keep the same amount of attack pots - spy and troop - as I do of defense potions)

    Then lay the law down
  4. Jman, you have the heart of it there, and I think that's the intent of the update. But min-maxers are always going to try to find the loopholes and exploits, more concerned with the destination than the journey. That's their prerogative, though. Myself, I'm hoping to find lots of eager and willing real system war opponents to fight and earn my mithril. It will be a good change of pace.
  5. Now I'm a noob for making MWs, aren't I?  Oh well, mccc, Corinthian and ZAFT all started PWs and they're not noobs 
  6. You say it would not work as osf would have to contribute but let's say you have a clan with more than say three osfs an the other clan lets them steal off them during war instead of just putting money out would that work

    As fir prestige that would be easy for clans with sub clans with Alts in them they could do friendly wars to build up prestige then swap them to do mwars ... Maybe thus would work

    PW where created to bc quick now the update has changed the game LB clans an players will want mitril an alot so people will figure away around it
  7. I believe that this game should be played fairly but also I t must be fun. If people want to have mwars, let them waste their time.
  8. can you plz give the winning clan some gold i personelly hate wars now cause i get no gold bouns
  9. Do u get mithril when u ff war? I've heard u don't :|
  10. When your opponent ff*
  11. Is there a mirth / plunder amount ratio of sorts ?
  12. If there is no one knows it
  13. the thing is, its more efficient if every1 hit osfs without war system...mithril wars r completely useless unless ur doing real wars
  14. It would be hard on a high player scale, but if it's just you warring your own OsF you could get a lot of mithril. Spy won't have allies so no need to cloak, it'd be or your hitter.
  15. For**

    You can drop low pots and stay open for awhile if it's just for you.
  16. I believe with in weeks if not days we will have created even more profitable pwars. This time they will go underground so all you mall cops contributing to the thread can be assured you won't be on the invite list. The upside is everyone wants to war. Way cool I have 2 in the next 6 days and one the weekend after next. I keep hoping LB will track individual kingdoms accurately in rear war. If so I would have made the all stars instead of the PWAR all stars. Not saying I have not been at pwars in fact ever second not at war I've been in pwars.
    Love the green repeat bar in epics. It's the only thing I love about epics. The pc geeks can't hog all the items
  17. Her is an idea a little crazy but just go with it....how about a REAL WAR I know I know mental but hey worth a shot... Haha

  18. No, its based on actions and relative prestige
  19. Yes you do, but it works differently than Old system, you dont gain all the mithril they would of earned (same if its win not forfeit) just what you would of earned yourself