Why is Aqua So Rare...

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Purchase Aqua for Gold not Xtals

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Why is that aqua drops are so rare compared to inferno drops, Why do we have have too transmute 5 xtals to get 1 aqua?? what makes aqua so special?? We are able to purchase inferno for gold, so why not aqua?? I feel the devs should make it fair and let us purchase aqua for gold and not xtals.
  2. Trader tokens. Nk. Take your pick
  3. Yes there is that, but sometimes you run out, and not everyone pays 2 play for drops from prem ebs.
  4. If everyone had unlimited traders tokens there would be no grind. Big part of kaw. Enjoy the ride
  5. I never said unlimited traders tokens, I said wld be gd to have the option to buy for gold and not xtals if you were out of tokens and dnt pay to play on prem ebs for drops!
  6. Aren’t drops just dependent on luck? I only have 100 less aqua than inferno.
  7. Aqua being rare is dependent on the player. Some players get more aqua and less inferno.
    But, I do support removing xtals for aqua. It's old and dated, not to mention extremely expensive.
  8. Not always I seem too get so much more aqua than inferno, even from the chests lol, With kaw always updating and changing, wld be nice if they took the 5 xtals for 1 aqua and let us use gold instead,
  10. Aqua was originally considered more rare/harder to buy and get because it was used for higher level enchants. Inferno for low levels, then both for high levels. Discouraging buying it years ago made sense, as eq enchants mattered a lot and high levels were designed to be difficult (cough cough golden greaves).

    Now though all new enchants cost and equal amount of aqua and inferno so the extreme cost of aqua is way outdated. Support buying 30 aqua/day for gold just like for inferno
  11. I think it would be nice to be able to max our things but also there are ways to get great aqua drops on NK. I did use trader tokens and they are pretty handy for me.

    But if Incould but with gold I would think about doing that.
  12. Yes NK can be good for drops, but not everyone spends to do NK weekends, wld be a nice option for everyone if cld buy with gold and not xtals
  13. I never understood why aqua was so rare, our lowlands have a waterfall we should be drowning in it😂
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