Who would you consider the best all around Kaw player and wh

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  1. RR-immort2 he has always been nice to me and I love his icecream it's the best
  2. It's different when -imf- does it?
  3. I believe Wulf used to be one of the greatest all-around players. Not sure he's as involved in KaW as he was a couple years ago though.
  4. Zolayla
    It even says so in UD
    And not just added for attention
    Because its the truth
  5. Its a money and activity based game is one player better than another?
  6. He's a wash out. Come on roni. Don't you know about him getting his ass handed to him by yafi? Then he fake retired ?? I was with yafi back then so I saw it happen. He pulled a Swabia  made me lose any respect I had for him.
  7. Kaw and kaw_community
    Not kaw_admin
  8. Ithaca, before it turned into Laoda
  9. I'm going to go with Ithaca he was a huge player but was always willing to help out and give advice not like most lb players who don't even talk
  10. Yas
  11. Love the reasoning
  12. Wingless_Banana <~~~ Best player IMO... He's hawt
  13. Devouring.
  14. Imma show some love for my brotha Ajax. Dude doesn't know how to quit, even when he's fighting nakie and alone.
  15. Where the heck is that master troll?
  16. Ancienne
  17. I would not consider anyone "the best" there are too many good players here both in heart and in game play, i would say it would need a list of the best players not just one name