Who still plays

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by 666-_-PiNDeMoN-_-666, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. I'm still kicking it
  2. I do but only sparingly now.
  3. Sean hasn't changed a bit.
  4. You should have stopped while you were ahead, mate.
  5. I am new noob. I play and try help ata keep game going. I'm hopping I can make my enemies pissed enough to spend real cash so the game continues. Then again I might be just delusional 
  6. Wow... I had no idea how much developers’ ass you had to kiss to stay a valiant knight :roll:
  8. I’m still kickin
  9. Not dead yet
  10. I’m still around!
  11. I don’t play but I’m here...kind of..
  12. There and back again.
  13. I play but admittedly less and less :p
  14. Make this game 13 and have a way to verify age, would fox many problems with this game
  15. You’re saying kids are ruining the game?
  16. Lmao what

    If you can bypass age verifying in any social medias, how would ATA even find a solid way to do that? Not to mention that these guys are literally brain dead