Who still plays

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  1. Being a 6 year kaw member,
    I have seen this game go through its ups and downs. Many people I know have quit, and I myself have many times. The question I have, is about how many people still play this game and are alive and kicking. Just curious to see.. Feel free to drop by leaving a comment and ill be keeping track to get a poll of how many still do play.
  2. Plays regularly, or is around?
  3. Im around somewhere
  4. I'm not as old some veterans here, but I remember the pwars,

    I remember the first time kaw implemented the repeat action button for epic battles.

    I remember also that odd pang of suprise when suddenly there were sound effects added when you performed an action.

    I remember when clans fought clans. No alliances. No hte to keep funds flowing.

    A clan at war would shut down epic battles, for the sole purpose of war.

    Kingdoms at war.
  5. Bro everyone hated you like 2 years ago when you were just starting. Always in forums acting a fool. Unless you can tell us a main name, you is lying nub.
  6. I don't know about that last bit towards shutting down epic battles for "the sole purpose of war." I do believe they were still run, just the clan would fail them more often than not if they were losing badly (or not run them because they couldn't complete them and hit targets).Then again, by then I was less involved in most larger OSW.
  7. After nearly seven years, I continue to play. Although it's more of a logon, (wait five minutes to logon, get through sales propaganda) unload on eb if possible, and catch up on latest Role Play Item hunt,
    I no longer put real money into the game (unlike years 2-5) as I am lowering the average dollars per day I've paid. Once that's down to a reasonable level I can choose to quit or throw another $25 in.
    I'm still not sure if it's the devs fault for the lack of fun or if it's the YouTube commenter mentality of the immature player .
  8. @Dylacer, would you, could you clarify your last sentence?
  9. Similar here. I'd say it's a combination of your two points above. Additionally, mobile gaming has come a long way. Other games have beautiful animation, complex storylines, multiplayer interaction and are just more adventurous and fun. Kaw is a text based game where all you do is click. It's extremely simple and doesn't matter what content you throw in, the basics don't change.
  10. I dabble
  11. My best friend and I still play 
  12. I remember sf running pwars and their main osf was a barcode named eye of japan
  13. I started in the second Dev war. IG vs 
  14. If you don't know his main that's your problem. Trust me, he's been around as long as he says he has.
  15. if you was clued up on all things kaw you'd not even have to ask who SkinnyMinny's origional screenname was. Calling them a nub " as if you are a kaw legend yourself " yet your screenname is not reckonized by me . You claim to be from 2 years ago yet your own badges dont add up to that. So if you are not a lying nub yourself then you must be on a new account. So with that same effect the same could be said for SkinnyMinny. Ohh look at my account its only a few days old. I must be a lying nub also when i say i been playing kaw for 4 years and 7 months also!!
  16. I would have gotten my 7 year badge two weeks ago if I still had my original account