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  1. Moose was great ! If I had to pick someone now it would be Drgn. His personality is more like moose. Intelligent, well spoken, and knows not to take banter to seriously. Knows to have fun with it. Unlike someone else flooding this thread.

    Then I’d say kesser. He is almost there maybe one day he’d be able to sit at Moose’s table, just not yet. I’ll keep working on him 
  2. Tie between Donkey, Colonial, Wrathbane, and Benny
  3. Mods more active in this thread than they’ve been in forums in the past year. Which mods alt made this thread?
  4. I also say all the mods I have had the pleasure to talk to have been great people! But if I had to give a favorite:

    Firstly, Titan_God, he is just a all out real person, he cares about the game and where the game is heading and putting forth much effort to put ideas out there to help improve the game. Just a all in all stand up guy.

    Secondly, Michael, Ive known him before he was mod and as well seems to be very personable and helpful to the community.

    Thirdly. would be Choccy, he has kept several guides going that has been very helpful through the years of kawing.

    Fourth, but not least I would say Mei, she is always in wc and willing to answer questions and respond, she is a straight shooter, so if you ask then expect a forward answer. But always willing to answer even those questions to most of us would seem obvious.

    Some of the mods I dont know as well or not at all, but considering they are all doing this position voluntarily (keep in mind they all have their own real lives as well) in a effort to make kaw gameplay better for all. In all honesty they all need a good shout out and a big thank you!


    Oh and forgot one, but definitely a favorite, is Jedi! One for his name, its awesome, but again he's a great guy, very down to earth and helpful!! :)

  5. Great choices.
  6. All mods suck
  7. Eagle, because reasons.
  8. i like choco but michael is awesome.too both helped me alot when needed always been nice and also miki help even when busy which make me respect him more
  9. Saber for granting me a cf
  10. Not a mod dude. And should be forum banned for going off topic.
  11. Saber was a mod
  12. Benny is my favorite  he is the only real one that knows I have my own unofficial mute button 
  13. Big fan of Mems. Miss that guy
  15. Is Moose still a mod on here???
  16. Karma- we use to Indy an was like frienemies looking to k.o one another if not same side a was once like my #10 a few years back
  17. Oh ftw
  18. no1currr
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