who do you think will win the NASCAR Sprint Cup?

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  1. One of my favorite movies
  2. "If you ain't first, your last!"
  3. I'd prob say the fastest car will win
  4. Hard to tell when everyone is driving in a circle.
  5. The fact that NASCAR entertains people speaks volumes to the level of insanity in the world.
  6. Once u get the amount of skill it requires to do it, and that its the perfect Sunday sport where u eat and drink all afternoon watching it and talking to family and friends then it's a awesome sport
  7. You could do that watching cricket, golf, tennis, badminton.. Almost anything that's classes as a sport.

    Also, I'm PRETTY sure that not everyone that watches it can do it.

    I mean some people don't know their left from their right, how on earth would they navigate the entire circuit?!
  9. It's posts like these that have convinced me that there should be a forum, and wc made for just the southern USA, because let's face it... nobody outside of the southern USA cares about Nascar.....
  10. I'm a well educated person and I am from the Northeast and sometimes watch NASCAR. I prefer the road courses like Watkins Glen, where there are also RIGHT turns lol.

    In short, stereotyping any demographic is small minded. Good luck with that.
  11. I hear Eric Cartman is making a return
  12. Id rather stare at poop in a toilet
  13. Is jimmie johnson in the race?
  15. Caught the end and saw Gordon won, shocking as it's his final year lol. That grandfather clock is sick! I want one.
  16. I told you Jeff would win. He's going to win it all!
  17. They have tracks all over the US. Lol.

    I like Pocono and Dover. It is a lot easier to enjoy the casual nascar race of you are into cars/racing. Really who won't go check out the local track/s every now and then?

    I liked going to watch the outlaws when I was younger. Way out in the sticks.

    I almost forgot...Joe Gibbs Racing! HTTR.