When Metro Dont Trust You

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  1. What's your clan name mean, and who's metro?
  3. Stop messing with Op. Don't you have other/better things to do?
  4. "Good war" more like wars you think you did well but lost
  5. We did do well
  6. I dont hate you.
  7. They're lying.
  8. Support because he lets me war and I suck ️
  9. It's ok :) cry in the corner like you do every nite pls Kthxbai luv u
  10. Hammer banded me from Metro :(
  11. Scrubs at war op
  12. What's the trail procedure,m8?

  13.  from my own clannie 
  14. Bump because my clan will be warring whole weekend :)
  15. Not wiff ee 4 u don't
  16. Overkill is crappy emma
  17. Support because she's hot :)
  18. Rip
  19. Ded
  20. What are we 2-13? I'm pretty impressed with how we crushe everyone
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.