What's The Most Scariest Game You ever Played?

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  1. Playing resident evil on ps4 is awesome. Try it.
  2. Fatal frame 1 & 2
  3. Black ops 2
  4. LemonP..... You know what follows next.
  5. When I was younger the feral ghouls in Fallout 3 scared the propane out of me.
  6. Russian roulette with cap guns and a balloon
  7. You ever play with a crazy(except you didn't know she was crazy when you did it) girls heart?
  8. The first Resident Evil for sure; I was young then and hooked ever since
  9. Modded Skyrim. Certain mods can sure make that game absolutely terrifying.
  10. Flowey is really scary.
  11. how has no one but op mentioned sad satan...

    that game has literally been investigated by the government for the disturbing content in it..
  12. No mention of shadow man for the n64. That was my horror game as a child.
  13. Little big planet was pretty scary stuff
  14. Re: Good Thread Pictures

    Ok bro if you gonna be like that get off the thread if not respect this dude.

    I would have to say Dead Space at night
  15. I like his threads back of noobs
  16. I tried playing fear2 but my manhood shrivelled when I tried using the office toilets and got rushed by a barbie doll and my billets did nothing... That's as far as I got
  17. Has anyone seen the gameplay video for the new DOOM which is releasing in May? I'll be buying it as soon as it comes out.