What the hell happened to this game?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by DrWrong, Nov 12, 2021.

  1. I came back to check up on this game after a very long time of leaving the war scene, what I saw discussed me. I checked the war threads and all I saw are weak noobs complaining about leaks and ee and system wars, I saw nothing at all about OSWs. Only noob apology threads going back a year ago.

    Big names and big clans resigning to chasing shiny items and stupid rewards that the developers dangle in front of you. You forgot the essence of this game.

    The hardcore fighters back in the day never played for shiny items or stupid rewards and loot. We played for the thrill to subdue and expose the weak pretentious so called tough guys within the OSW clans and make them surrender to us.

    Did you guys forget?

    The state of the game atm is a disgrace.

    Please remove all the bull on your clan pages. There are no OSW war clans today.

    The people who been warring back then knows the truth and I salute you for being here still, but unfortunately you have no true soldiers. Back in the day the players made the clan strong, not hide behind clan banners and just join for protection.

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  2. Sadly i agree . As Thrawn, Rogue and Rikkimaru told me :- i should kiss them memorys and days goodbye , because we aint never going to get them fun times back again.
  3. valkyrie-iv sucks btw guys
  4. i think valk is reformed now or just banned from forums 😂.i've noticed now i can safely write forum threads and he doesnt troll them 😊
  5. There are still OSW's just ask the dying clan Synergy all about it.

    I couldn't imagine how much more boring it would still be though if it weren't for trading and the new features. Gives the game another element.
  6. It’s a different time. Those were the days of hardened warriors. Those a hard to find these days. It’s a different game for sure. I personally am not saying it’s a bad thing nor am I “discussed”. It is what it is. Play or move on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.