What the hell ATA!?

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    So um there you have it, ATA is playing Pokémon Go and fighting over church gyms like it was going out of style.

    Seriously though why is ATA playing Pokémon Go? Not to mention they're lvl 17 after only 3 days of offical release in Canada, so either one of the Devs is slacking, or I call HaX0rz
  2. Or a KaW player thought it would be funny to be named AThinkingApe
  3. With how much time they have, they are probably playing Pokemon Go. I mean, honestly, everythin is on repeat on this game so they all have to have a lot of time on their hands.
  4. Exactly what I was thinking before I read your comment Nar
  5. [​IMG]

    I think I have a hunch on who it may be, or at least their accomplice.

    Edit: deleted the wrong photo mah bad
  6. Quick question, is this in Vancouver?
  7. Close, I live just outside Vancouver in the next city over, this gym is 7 blocks from my house. :lol:
  8. I think everyone plays this game now so not a surprise haha
  9. Grant, Charlie, Mario, what do you have to say for yourself?
  10. What state/city is that gastown Colorado?
  11. Your battery is @ 11%. Please charge
  12. Roommate's with lesser batteries were hogging the makeshift charger we made for Pokèwalks.

    Yea totally, it wasn't the city where the main ATA office is 20min drive from my house at all. :roll:
  13. Update: They seem to not frequent this area a lot, this post may have scared them away, I am also going to petition for their head office in Gastown to become a Gym.
  14. Actually in general I prefer tomato sauce over pesto, but there are exceptions to this rule.
  15. There is Pokemon outside my house , and all the dang neighbor kids are hovering around like zombies! Yelp! . Really Google wtf, my house.
  16. It has nothing to do with Google.
  17. The game map is an overlay from Google Maps, same as in Ingress.
  18. Yeah but if you're blaming anyone blame Niantic
  19. Damn guess those kids should go back inside and be couch zombies playing CoD or Halo and act like vular machine guns over the chat with little to no consequence for their actions.

    Crazy idea (one of my many) you could ask these children politely to catch Pokémon on the sidewalk, the radius for the avatar is a decent size, only reason they'd be in your yard is because of AR and that you can turn off.
  20. But I'm not, I was simply correcting you that Google is indeed involved (albeit in a minor-ish way) with the game.