what is your favorite song.

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  1. Murmaider by Deathklok
    Night's in white satan by moody blues.
  2. I tell you what there's some shocking choices of songs.
  3. Das W, Sapient & Timi Hendrix - Who i am

    german rap *moonface*
  4. ONE 
  5. My favorite song is EVERY song done by Zeppelin. I think if Jimmy Page recorded passing gas that would become the greatest song of all time lol

    My favorite non zeppelin song would be one of these from Sabbath ...
    Black Sabbath
    War Pigs
    Faries wear Boots
  6. Big Sleep - The Streetlight Manifesto
  7. fairies wear nothing cause they get stripped :^)
  8. White Blank Page
    -Mumford and Sons
  9. Should of been us by tori kelly