what is the oldest clan in KaW?

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  1. iG(and Foxes) can hold up to 120 due to them beta testing Toxic.
  2. Bump ig the legendary myth
  3. The oldest active clan in kaw is ig. There were 4 clans before it that have disbanned
  4. IG has 117 members
  5. Ig and foxes were first 2 clans
  6. Indeed iG and foxes are the original clans of kaw.
  7. iG is one of the 2 original clans of kaw and i am pretty sure Foxes is the other one
  8. There are 4 clans that came before ig and foxes. They didn't last .
  9. The oldest clans are not ig or foxes they were first successful clan though
  10. White knights I believe(?) it's in my timeline thread.
  11. iG and The Fox Hole
  12. iG, some say German Foxes but most say iG.
  13. :lol: lmao this idiots are still saying iG and Foxes.
  14. No one bothered to read Sholron or Corinthian's posts back a few pages.. I think I will believe them over others
  15. Ig and foxes were the first two clans wich is why they can have 120 members and all other clans only get 100
  16. If Foxes and if tested the beta system what was the TYR vs Ares war?
  17. iG** not if.
  18. @damnit, wrong. They have 120 members because they beta tested the system war. And Tyr vs aries was the first All Star War.