what is game should be about!

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  1. Wars! this is a war game,ebs killed game.make warring more attractive better rewards better equipment bigger plunder from warring. At least there’s a bit more skill in wars.,ebs tap tap tap,I an tap some more!Come on devs entice ppl to war.an don’t start me off how much charms are hurting game.
  2. I can translate to English if you’d like
  3. People are always crying about how war is dying, yet when people do war they cry that they have EB builds. No one wants to throw up towers to kill their plunder and sit at the same stats for years.

    It's not 2011 anymore. The only way to grow is through EB's and legends. War rewards need to be drastically increased for it to be worth people changing builds and throwing up towers.
  4. Devs can either decrease the plunder drop.
    Give updated mith equipment/ provide a bonus %plunder when fighting in wars and pvp
    Provide a few new items with percent stats
  5. Yes please
  6. Seriously Devs this is what you should pay attention to. You need bigger rewards or something to entice people to war that's what this game should be about.. Even the winter war had lacking rewards
  7. Stop trashing the war events they do give you
  8. Lol shut up you got 1k deepmine tokens. I grew like 150mcs off 250 deepmine tokens. Dont tell me 1000 tokens isn't alot lol
  9. Haven’t you been in an hte clan for years?
  10. Aka hot tub —> suicide squad
  11. Join a osw clan
  12. First of all that was a big war so the rewards were bad but yeah it has to be worth more.
    Second of all you get 1k deepmine tokens every event now on the last couple of collection legends.
    Third of all ur 20m cs so dont chat ush
    Fourth of all dont tell people who war to shut up if your an eb fairy, warrig takes skill and only few people have the skills. Few as in there are many people in war with some skill and few with more, compared to eb fairys we are few.
  13. Lol eb fairy?
  14. For the thritieth time now, if you made a war with decent actions nessecary for blood reigns bonus, everyone would war several times a week. Then improved mith equip could follow.
  16. 1000 deep mine crestplates for 6h sound pretty good, so stop complaining.
  17. There is an easy fix for that:

    Make plunder from hitting a player like at least 2-3x the plunder you get of tnk. Either by dropping eb plunder or by raising pvp plunder.

    To avoid abuse with alts:

    The more active the player you are hitting = the more plunder. Something like estocs edge but for defending player. And with higher percentage. Hitting inactive farms mustnt be worth it ofc.

    Only 1 problem left: players wouldnt have to spend...
  18. Duly noted! I have been looking into this for a little while now

  20. I’m dead