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  1. If it wasnt for you i wouldnt have made goals last event.
  2. Thanks. I do try my best
  3. Not you troll
  4. @Killzone,

    The way I read this thread was that OP isn't being specifically targeted, but a few people (Deutschland and another were mentioned) simply hired allies and OP expected to be immune with a DNH banner.


    A suggestion, perhaps you could put in your banner to have people PM before hiring? To me looks better than simply saying don't hire and could allow you to upgrade or bank the gold instead of being stripped.
  5. I'm not troll. He's part of kotfe. So get your facts straight noob
  7. Its a very kind gester to help others at your expense, but...
    You are opting in an account that is way to tempting for many to ignore.

    Pure spy and good allies(i assume?). I dont want to come off as if im placing fault on yourself, but you have to set yourself up in a way to where you are in control of what can be lost.

    I know one of the players you mentioned in your op and i will stake any credibility i may have to insure you he didnt hire off you just to be mean or disrespectful.

    What, and why, he did hire from you is most likely the reasons i just stated.

    A pure spy who didnt take any precautionary measures opted in with , visible, expensive, decent allies.
    Or more commonly referred to as "jackpot! Cha ching!"

    I really am sorry that your attempt to help others ended in a bad experience for you. Hopefully this wont be a deterrent for you in future attempts to generously help others, but an experience to help 'yourself' at being better at helping others.
  8. I've known Wendy now for going on probably 4.5 years or so and she has always been an extremely sweet and kind woman. She gave me some solid advice and helped me out during the pwar and 48hr system war era.

    Unfortunately KaW is full of players that simply don't give a damn for anyone's generosity and will take advantage of others every chance they get. Add that to the blatant hypocrisy of some of those people that feel like they're above and beyond and simply better than everyone else and you've got yourself the issue at hand.

    I hope you get things sorted Wendy and despite the circumstances it's good to see you
  9. Twinky, my pure spy is open for pvp and only has small allies to keep her open. Same as my OAF, but my OAF still had/has some stat allies that I haven't had enough gold to move to this me yet. There is no benefit to anyone to hire them for the jackpot because they are already open.
  10. Kotfe assassins rock tho...
  11. And frankly I don't believe u. We hit Ebs. Look at our history... Nuff said... EBS. Nom noms.
  12. I am thankful to Wendy for opening during events, though I am not hitting her as much as I had a few events back. And for those that says she hogged allies, please check up her banners before opening your big mouth.

    She has always been specific in saying that to getting her small allies to open her up, and she had maybe 1-2 big underpriced allies? I think don't hire those big ones might be the least we can do for her generousity.

    I don't know if the hirers doing this deliberately, so not blaming anyone here, but if you do, shame on you. Know that you are ruining not just one player's game, but also for countless of small accounts.
  13. Respect to you for that selfless attitude.

    But it's a game and I'd advise against opting in again now that the abusive players have taken advantage of the kindness you offered.
  14. Simple: dont open up next time
  15. It's like putting a big suitcase of cash in the street and a sign telling people not to take it as you will be back in a few days to collect it. Then you come back in a few days and surprised it's all taken
  16. Bruh . U realize . This makes people want to hit you more
  17. Your a great person
  18. You're an absolute moron.
    Never, try to attempt to make an analogy again. That just lowered my IQ.
  19. I kind of thought the same thing but didn't want to say anything
  20. He is a moron and he should be banned from ever making analogies.