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  1. Magoo is right. -v- is a little prick.

    Oh! and a plonker also
  2. I feel you.
    Easy fix.
    Stop opting in, if people cant respect your banner request after opening for them, then they dont deserve it.
  3. You are right I'm a prick. But I was a prick before I joined kotfe, I'm a prick now, and I'll still be a prick if I ever leave kotfe. But at least I'm a prick with some brain cells, you are just a prick.
  4. Can you really be calling anyone little? I mean look at those little build dropped stats. Now, if you are calling something else little, may I remind you that you are a guy who's thing is so little you thought you were a girl.
  5. Sorry kofte but u keep recruiting priks
  6. SHUT UP people playing kaw this is a game you are meant to enjoy it and have fun
    If this is more to you then if not on drugs u may need to arrange an appointment
  7. This never gets old. Check out his win / loss. He's never played kaw as a war game.

  8. You tried that one before... Remember what happened? Oh yea I pulled out an account with a better W/L ratio...
  9. Also I love how when you get rekt and have no reply you try to safe face bring the argument back to something like that.
  11. Then why not post with that account so all of can see it instead of being a noob and posting with an account we can easily make fun of? Think about it for a minute, I don't want to stress those brain cells you have so many of, ya know?
  12. There's a simple reason for that which most people will understand and already know. This is the account I'm on most nowadays, and I'm not going to go log into another account everytime I post on forums to please people like you. Now, what's your excuse for posting with an account that's so easy to make fun off?
  13. Yup , skinny has now run outta smartass responses. That was rather disappointing, no inc and no good banter.
  14. My excuse? I don't get butthurt when somebody makes fun of me. It don't matter who you are, you'll get made fun of. For instance, Justin bieber, every guy from ages like 11-15 made fun of him for his voice, and he got more action than anybody any of us actually knew and there ain't no doubting thatbut anyways, those were just my thoughts, I've only read thru the last 2 pages of this thread so carry on with your petty arguments with the rest of kaw. Peace?️ill be lurking.

  15. If I had a nickel for every time someone said they weren't butthurt while experiencing cast amounts of butthurt I could buy 700 nobs.. True story
  16. Dayum a whole 700? I wish I had that many, I'd spend them on speakers but I don't think that guy understands banter much
  18. This thread is so derailed that Im surprised eagle's alarm hasnt rung yet

  19. Wanna know my secret?

    I'm always butthurt.