What happened?

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  1. What happened to this game? It's dead. Posts on forums are very rare and WC has minutes without people saying anything. Why?
  2. Blame yourself
  3. 1. Censorship and incompetent moderating

    2. ATA greed ...dropped trying to build community and went for straight profit

    3. Games 10years now most of original playerbase that made KAW fun are gone

    4. Is no longer a war game ...turning into PIMD2

  4. Shockingly short but accurate list.
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  5. Really? I didn't quite notice it, IronMaiden246. I didn't play Kingdoms At War for 6 consecutive months, I returned at 14th July 2018.

    If you have a hungry mind on looking for a forum post so unique that it can capture the audience's eyes, I can probably set off to do something about it!

    Also, is it now the norm that World Chat has minutes of inactivity without saying anything? I remember it took place often before I went on my hiatus, but if it is an important factor, how so then? :eek:
  6. Sean, just....just gtho
  7. This is accurate, I agree with this assessment and its responses to your questions, Iron.
  8. Basically all the old forumers are gone. Just a few left now. Once everything started to get SUPER censored it really just killed the social aspect of the forums. Heck I won’t post threads just because 1 player can troll and someone will lock it for “derailment.” It’s just one of those situations where some of the mods decided to start over moderating stuff and it caused the death of forums.
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  10. I remember ages ago when WC was filled to the brim with "hire me!!" Lol. Good ol days
  11. I feel, in my opinion it actually makes sense though. For the moderators to lock threads. It is still the right move by them to do it in case derailment of thread occurs. The main reason I stand by this is that there can be minors in this game.

    Nate, the game's rating is 7+, or 9. You may want to look at that factor too.

    If I started playing this game when I was much, much younger, probably like 8 years old I would have more likely learnt more negativity from forums compared to positives(IF, the forums is full of trolls and negative posts). I can use that moment, as I type, to thank myself that I have a logical part of me that knows how to discern right from wrong!
  12. I first found this game and registered with an account named Alexander136 at the age of 10. I’m 18 now and I’ve turned out more or less fine. Forums helped me to try and mature and act older, which really isn’t a negative is it? I was a kid at home and at heart but on the Internet I was an adult pilot. I created a person I wanted to be as a young kid because I was just that. A young kid. That taught me lessons and maturity and didn’t harm me. Believe me, there are a lot of people who started this game at 10, 11, or 12 years old and will attribute lots of maturity and growth to KaW. I think it comes to the point are there really young kids left like that? Back then it was easy to understand this game. You had like 2mcs max and you hit Pwars. That’s about it. Compare that to now and you have a WHOLE new ball game. Maybe the question remains should we raise the age back up to 12 instead of 9 like it was for awhile in 2015 or 2016? I think so.


    ....no u didn
  14. Well forums didn't help with his maturity
  15. It sure didn’t help Todd’s lol.

    Oh well. All I’m saying is that when content wasn’t censored in game it helped me out a lot IRL. And I know this is just a game. But plenty of others who were young can vouch and say that forums aspect and the ability to be creative helped. Besides we have reddit so what’s the difference.

  16. Thank you lol ...I actually find that somewhat reassuring. I'm purposefully that way ....I am an amateur standup comic who just started featuring locally. I welcome all trolls and hecklers ...honed my RL ability to deal with hecklers on this mmo and several others.

    When I say "reassuring" ...ild rather be seen as immature then say pervyy my humor can be blue but it's purposefully nothing most 16+ olds wouldn't have heard before....

    Having said that the age should be over 18 ...or under 18 one or the other not both

    Having 18+ players interacting ANONYMOUSLY with players under 18 is just asking for trouble...

    ...especially adult basement dwellers interacting with -18 who are trying to find recognition and fig out who they are
  17. Well said. Stupid sapce spaces now. Especially with the developers of a war game promotion g violence to other places trying to be virtuous.

    There's no moral ground to stand on when you are profiting from war. Be it a game or not. Then censoring 'bad' words.

    Any kid that understands this game should be old enough to handle biological or scientific terms. The amount of censorship is nuts. All this from a game with 'mature themes'. If kids can handle mature themes then they can handle mature conversation.

    If they can't they shouldn't be on this game. Pretty good damn simple.

    But it's all about being offended now. Buch of soft 'parrots'
  18. On the censorship... yeah. Forums used to be more entertaining and dynamic when there were noobs making low-effort threads on random topics.