Western Feminism

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  2. I would be more interested if this thread was called 'islamic feminism and how to crush it'
  3. It's been my experience that doesn't go for equality eventually has none. So ya go for it . But men also you guys have never stepped up for equality and you are now starting to get into a position where your rights may need to be preserved . So equality for all is what I say not any specific group. Then we don't have to worry about this crap anymore.

  4. No, feminism wants to keep giving rights for women, which of course eventually leads to them having more rights then men
  5. @The Gravelord

    That's the dumbest **** I've ever heard. What your saying is entirely hypothetical. Women are not equal with men. Therefore feminism is alleviating that gap by closing it. Look up the definition.
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  7. The op is trying to push water uphill discussing feminism, in the kaw environment. Good luck hun.
  8. In what way do they not have equal rights? Not getting paid the same? Take employer to court for discrimination.

  9. I actually agree. Feminism is not equality
  10. Bunch of idiotic morons fighting over ideologies.
  11. And a few idiotic morons pointing that out repeatedly.
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  13. Equality means equality. Feminism means females are superior. Stop thinking so one sided, we're all the same.
  14. Feminism means equality. I am a feminist. I think women should be treated better in some situations, but I also think women should not get special treatment in other situations

    For example, I think guys shouldn't have to foot the bill when it comes to dates, for example - that's outdated - but we also have to first look at income equality between genders for that to be justifiable.

  15. No, equality means equality. Anyone suffering from any sort of gender imposed limitations and/or discriminations should sue. Male or female.

    In regards to pay, in the EU there is the human rights act, under which it's illegal to descriminating pay based on gender, if an employer is paying less because you're a different gender, then take them to bloody court.

    Whinging about it will do absolutely jack all.
  16. Stating (AKA whining) your opinion about it is how it is brought to the forefront of politics. That's how ideas spread and that's how democracy works.
  17. It's not an 'idea' it's a basic human right to be treated equally in the society you are in.

    Case law is a much stronger rule than political laws, as it's made and decided by judges, not politicians.

    The only way to get case law is to go through courts, the more people that prosecute, the more case law, the stronger the law.

    Everyone knows about equality. I judge people based on their participation, effort and results, gender, sexuality, hair colour, freckles, chickenpox scars etc are not relevant.

    The problem is that people take it too far, or word what they're wanting to say wrongly.

    It shouldn't be a 50/50 split, because gender isn't and shouldn't be an issue. It should be whatever ratio it ends up being based on performance, input, productivity etc.

    "I'm a woman so I should be paid the same as my co worker!!!"

    Great headline, behind it her coworker has worked 1.5x the hours, got better results and put more input in, but that would make the news.

    Important things would be things like ensuring that makes and females have the same amount of time off after a baby is born, studies have shown that parents are equally important.
  18. Feminism is an ideology. That's why it's an "ism".
  19. All men are obviously rapists...
    The feminists told me so.
  20. Its taken too far by some, most of the ones on TV, but I think most of them are fine.