Weekend HTE & RoTWB Promo

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  1. Earn 50% more plunder from Haunting: The Escape and Revenge of the Warbeasts this weekend until 12:00PM PDT on Monday, October 24th.

    Note: This will apply to Epic Battles started from this point forward.
  2. Yay!!!
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    More inflation woo
  4. How about tweaking banner from casts series. Lv 4 only gives 2.0% stats while my Rimefolk banner gives 2.5%. Also a mage promo would be appreciated that off hand hurts to fail on.
  5. Awesome so glad HTE/ROTW weekend has returned
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    Bruh add the optional hte bar when u start promo
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  8. It's true the banner ug's are underpowered.
  9. Yes i had to hit 15k quite a couple times which takes about 20-30 dollars a week to get mine to lv2 and i only have 1 stat all around that is a big problem considering the same amount of money in the lay of the Rhineland event would have gotten me a 2.25 stat all around pls fix devs. But the equip from this event is very good i might add Ty.
  10. 15k is free for me lmao
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  12. I've hit 15k all 10 promos & could only get the banner to lv4. With the Rimefolk banner being 2.5% attack/spy & 1.5% defense, this new banner is crappy. Only offering a .5% increase to defense while twice the level of the previous one. Devs need to at least set the attack/spy attack to 2.75% to make it .25% higher.
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    Bring back optional bar
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    Elements event, ty
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    Primo Content!!
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    Please add extra bar for promo- hte goes to fast with these larger builds.
  18. B2b wars and you don't have to spend 20-30 bucks.
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