wat will new stuff be?

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  1. does anyone realy know wat the new stuff for kaw be?
    will there be more buldings more upgrades more items possibly will they throw in a castle uprade and wat will it dobeside make it more look awsome like this dude :arrow: :cool: just a idea. please leave any nice funny or intresting comments love you kaw. :D
  2. You now have one strike.
    2 more will result in severe punishment such as farming.
    Reasoning: Wrong Section
  3. Feather hunter you're not a mod so shut up already
  4. I do not have to.
  5. We do not know what will be for the new items. However, there is no such Castle upgrade or Castle code.
  6. IRONhulk, we do not need to be mods to do something. Punishments will probably be increased.


    One does not need power in any form to do great things. All they need is the spark, and others will follow to support what is right.
  7. Blah blah blah is that the best you got star wars?
  8. Iron, tace, nemo amat vos
  9. Second half was going to be my new signature.

    You know what. I'll make sure you get off of FF.
  10. You know I will fight you til the enf
  11. Then hit me for once.