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  1. I will be updatind real soon i am almost done with the update
  2. Ok I was testing something please delete those postsīˆ®
  3. (/).-)

    Stop spamming and coping and pasting already stickies guides u noob.....
  4. Idiot, she made the guide. She could do whatever the hell she wants relating to this thread.
  5. (/).(\) milt, you fail..
  6. Razor, sexy warrior is a he.
  7. Milt look at the date this was made and look at the stickied guide....woah this was made first...
  8. It doesn't work as well nowadays
  9. does this guide work???
  10. This needs a bump so bad
  11. Why lol? I remember this lol. This is old..from back when I was on 24/7 :p
  12. Warriors' Guide to being a Nobhead <3